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The development of video surveillance technology can be concluded in the final analysis as simulation - digital - network. At present, China's monitoring industry has basically completed the transition from simulation to digitalization. The traditional VCR storage monitoring data has been transformed into DVR storage monitoring data. However, in the networking stage, the disadvantages of DVR and DVS emerged.

High risk of video storage

At present, the video surveillance video is distributed and stored on the DVR hard disk system, or is stored on the PC through the DVS. The provided storage media is usually a desktop application-level hard disk. In the face of continuous storage strength of 7×24 hours, it is often incompetent. All video data is stored on a single hard disk, and the hard disk itself does not have advanced redundancy check protection. Once the hard disk is damaged or the operating system fails, all recorded data will be difficult to recover.

Insufficient video storage space

For many companies, the long-term preservation of video evidence is a strong testimony to ensure that the incident has occurred after the accident. The basic requirements for the general surveillance area reach more than 30 days. The important monitoring scope even needs to save more than half a year's worth of video data or a permanent backup. Ordinary PC local storage or DVR, the space that can be stored is very limited, the storage time is far from reachable. If the video resolution is reduced to extend the video storage time, the video performance will be greatly reduced.

Video surveillance management difficulties

Since large-scale monitoring systems are often constructed in phases, the equipment used in the construction process is not uniform, and various brands and models of equipment have brought difficulties to the centralized management of monitoring. At the same time, the traditional DVR or DVS equipment, due to the limited network transmission capacity, it is difficult to form a centralized system architecture for unified storage and unified monitoring, so that the company’s security monitoring appears to be troublesome for storage data, scheduling is not timely, video storage is scattered and other issues produce.

Monitoring video storage system is undoubtedly an important part of the monitoring system, the importance of data is beyond doubt. DVS, DVR, server, network damage can be repaired, but the loss of data can not be made up. Therefore, the importance of storage in the entire monitoring system becomes more and more obvious. The requirements are also increasing. The concrete manifestations are: the preservation of massive data, reliability and performance of storage devices, total cost of ownership, manageability, Extensibility and so on, these factors are forcing people to find a professional storage device to replace the traditional discrete data storage. Networked video surveillance systems require the use of updated storage technologies to store monitoring data.

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