Summer feed must be mildewproof

Garlic feed anti-fungal agent. Peel the garlic out of the skin, put it into a sterilized mortar, add the same amount of cold water, grind it into a fine pulp, and filter it through a three-layer sterile cloth. The filtrate is an excellent feed anti-fungal agent. If it is evenly mixed into the feed -----

Plasma cutting light damage and protection

The protective equipment of the laser cutting machine is typically a laser protective lens. Since the laser is used to prevent damage to the human eye, the protective lens can be classified into a reflective type, an absorption type, a diffractive type, and a compound type. Of course, they are Accor-----

Dye prices skyrocket: duopoly repelled

The supply and demand of textile printing and dyeing are on the verge of advancing. “Since June, the printing and dyeing industry has entered the traditional off-season, industry orders have been reduced, customers’ ability to reduce prices has increased, and the cost of dye -----

Hardware power tools to achieve independent innovation

The hardware power tool industry actively introduces technology to enhance its own strength. The rapid development of China and the comprehensiveness of foreign exchanges. Looking into the electric tool industry, the electric tool industry is also rapidly developing in recent years, but it-----