Reasons for postponement of decoration

Construction delays often occur in the decoration process. Most of these phenomena are caused by improper process arrangements, unreasonable decoration plans, and construction process problems. How can we take precautions before decoration? Let's take a look at the method of refusing the decoration extension.

Part1: One of the most common reasons for delays in renovation

In the peak season of autumn and winter decoration, many families hope to be able to live in new houses before the end of the year. However, the facts are not optimistic, many should have been completed, due to various reasons, the completion time is far away. Let's take a look at what are the common causes of renovation delays. Knowing these reasons, we may be able to take a lot of detours and avoid many unnecessary troubles.

Reason for extension 1: Unreasonable process arrangement or worker deployment

Decoration is a relatively complex project, which needs to integrate multiple resources to achieve the integration of design, construction, and home configuration. In this process, the things that need to be done are trivial and complicated, which requires the selected decoration company to have excellent management capabilities. Many postponement projects for decoration originated from the one-sided pursuit of orders by many home improvement companies, without reasonably analyzing their own scheduling capabilities for construction, installation, etc., which ultimately led to many projects being out of agreement with the implementation.

Reason for postponement 2: The decoration plan keeps changing

After the start of construction, the continuous modification of the decoration design plan is also a major reason for the delay in decoration. Among them, some of the changes were not confirmed by the owner in the early stage, and they were required to be changed after the construction was found to be inappropriate; others may be proposed by the decoration company to increase the budget by the designer or the construction team for various reasons.

Reason for extension 3: The main material failed to enter the venue on time

Many owners now choose the half-package decoration method. The decoration company is responsible for construction and basic auxiliary materials, and the main materials need to be purchased by the owner himself. If the main materials are not entered on time, the construction time may have to be delayed. In addition, the decoration workers may continue to delay the construction period due to the disruption of the construction schedule.

Reason for extension 4: Unacceptable inspection or unsettled project payment

During the decoration, some projects, such as hydropower projects, require the owner to undergo acceptance before proceeding to the next step of construction. Many times, because the owner is very busy, there is no way to sign on site for confirmation during the acceptance, so the acceptance time will be postponed; in addition, the payment method for some renovation projects is in installments. If the owner does not settle the phased project payment in time, Construction may be stopped due to construction delays.

Reason for postponement 5: Rework due to substandard construction quality

During the decoration, the owner found that the construction party had charged it well and would require re-rectification when the acceptance failed. Therefore, it will inevitably cause a delay in time and affect other processes or types of work.

Part2: Make decoration planning in advance to prevent decoration delay

Many owners who are planning to move into their new homes before the Spring Festival have already started pointing their fingers and counting the days to ensure that they can move into the new house on time. However, the extension of decoration is indeed a widespread phenomenon, and the impact of the extension of decoration makes it difficult for the owner to bear in terms of time, economy and spirit. I have previously understood the reasons for the delay in decoration, and in order to prevent the delay in decoration, it is necessary to take corresponding countermeasures.

Preventing delays in decoration: Can't just blindly choose a professional decoration company

If the owner is very anxious to move into the new home, he may choose a decoration company that promises a short period of time to construct, and there are many bad construction teams, and in order to sign the order, he will still promise to make it, and then find various reasons during the construction Let the owner sign the extension of the decoration order or the sloppy construction does not pay attention to the quality of the decoration. Therefore, it is recommended that the decoration should not be blindly fast. It is better to choose a decoration company with a better reputation and a more professional decoration. The extension in time should not be too long.

Preventing delays in renovations: plan well in advance of renovations

In order to avoid delays in the decoration during the construction period, the owner must plan the decoration in detail. Unblock and communicate all aspects of things, and plan work arrangements properly. Specifically, you need to do the following points in advance.

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