2016 latest hydropower renovation quote details

Hydropower renovation refers to the transformation of waterways and the transformation of circuits, mainly in accordance with the decoration of the decoration, family population, living habits, the waterway used by the original developer of the house, and the renovation of the circuit in whole or in part. The hydropower project belongs to the hidden decoration of the decoration, and the home-installed hydropower reform is very troublesome. It is also a part of the non-professionals that is incompletely confusing and is vulnerable to fraudulent and invisible consumption of hydropower reforms . Hydropower renovation is the first step in the renovation. No matter how you save money, you should first take quality as a prerequisite. On the basis of respecting this premise, based on personal needs, oneself controls the materials needed for decoration, or refers to neighbors of the same type of houses. Those selected from them must be transformed, and those that are not used. Resolutely use every penny exactly right. How much is the quotation for home improvement and hydropower reform , and what are the hydropower reform materials? Let's learn together!

Hydropower renovation

Refers to the fitting-out process of replacing all or part of the waterway and the circuit used by the original developer according to the decoration configuration, family population, living habits, and aesthetic concepts. Hydroelectric reform is divided into waterway reconstruction and circuit reconstruction.

Hydropower renovation process

1, according to the design of the house and the specific needs of customers to design the direction of hydropower.

2. Workers are grooving walls or floors as they walk.

3, buried pipelines (including wiring and connected pipelines) and cassettes.

4, the detection circuit, the water pressure test.

5. Smooth the trunking with cement sand.

6. After the wall or wallpaper is finished, install the circuit panel.

Hydropower renovation details

1, waterway design First of all want to have a good water-related equipment, such as: water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen Po, toilets and wash basins, their location, installation methods and whether the need for hot water; to think ahead of the use of gas Or electric water heaters, to avoid the temporary replacement of water heaters, leading to repeated changes in the waterway; toilets in addition to leaving wash basins, toilets, washing machines and other outlets, it is best to pick one out, and then pick up water and other convenient ground;

2. It is advisable for the cabinet manufacturers to come together and communicate with each other when they come to the door for the first time. Before the construction, waterproof should be done upstairs to ensure that no water can seep downstairs before construction.

3. After the completion of the waterway reform, a pressure test is required. The pyrotechnician reminds you to use a pressure machine to reach 6 to 8 atmospheres for 30 minutes without leakage. The pressure test is best to have the property present, which can play a supervisory role; because some decoration teams will deceive the owners in this section.

4, after the completion of the kitchen floor tiles should be checked to see if the drainage of the floor drain is smooth (in order to remove the drainage rate after the cover drain, which is due to the slow drainage of the majority of deep water seal leaks); if you want to close the excess floor drain The gap between the drain pipe and the floor drain must be blocked to prevent the overflow of the water.

5, washing machine floor drain is best not to use deep water sealing floor drain, because a deep water seal leakage has a common feature is the slow water, used in showers and other locations of deep water sealing leakage, due to the small amount of water, floor drain can basically meet the needs of drainage; However, the speed of the drainage of the washing machine is very fast, and the displacement is large. The rate of water entering the deep water seal leakage cannot be satisfied at all, and the result will directly lead to the overflow of the water.


Hydropower Modification Notes

1. When performing the above operations, it mainly involves slotting, which is generally the work of the mason. However, if there is a cutting machine, a plumber can do it easily. When the trough is leveled, mason is involved. Therefore, from the operation process, it is a cross-cutting work of three types of work. If you are decorating your own house instead of a decoration company, you should pay attention to the coordination of their cross-operations and mutual cooperation.

2, the wire should be regular products, line tube, cassette must be fire-retardant. Because it is a hidden project, it must not be sloppy.

3, waterways, water pipes should also be formal and reliable products. No matter what kind of takeover method, it must be reliable. The pressure test must be conducted strictly according to the standard.

4, weak video lines, must be thicker double shielded core. Telephone lines and network cables cannot be sloppy either.

5, sewage pipes as large as possible, to avoid the right angle. The shorter the distance from the gas pipe to the cooker and the water heater, the better, preferably less than 2 meters.

Hydropower renovation quote

Hydroelectric reform costs should include:

1. Pre-embedding of various types of pipelines (cold and hot water) and various types of lines (including power lines, televisions, telephones, computers, etc.) are embedded.

2. The installation of various types of sanitary ware in the later period, installation of various lighting fixtures, switches, and sockets. According to the area of ​​your home, the price should be around 2,500 yuan. If you exceed 3,000 yuan, you have to think about it.

Hydroelectricity to save money Raiders

Hydroelectric reform costs should include:

1. Pre-embedding of various types of pipelines (cold and hot water) and various types of lines (including power lines, televisions, telephones, computers, etc.) are embedded.

2. The installation of various types of sanitary ware in the later period, installation of various lighting fixtures, switches, and sockets. According to the area of ​​your home, the price should be around 2,500 yuan. If you exceed 3,000 yuan, you have to think about it.

2016 living room hydropower reform money Raiders

The living room usually involves the transformation of the living room lamp dual control circuit. In the transformation process, the living room lamp is directly set up in the corridor to create dual control, which is convenient for lighting when the door is started, and the other circuit modification is determined by the design, usually the restaurant The transformation of the panel, there is the panel transformation of the living room TV cabinet, the strategy of saving money is to try to facilitate life-based, and some unnecessary circuit modification can be omitted. The bedroom circuit transformation, saving money strategy, you can use the bedside lamp instead of dual control, of course, can also be changed according to personal preferences.


2016 bathroom water and electricity transformation to save money Raiders

Bathroom water circuit transformation, generally taking into account the Yuba, exhaust fan, lighting transformation, and then the electric water heater to change the dark pipe water circuit and circuit transformation, where the bathroom money Raiders is at the wash basin, the water pipe can not change the dark pipe , because there will be shelters such as basins and bathroom cabinets.

2016 kitchen water reform money guide

Kitchen hydropower reform, generally more change, after all, more appliances in the kitchen, you need to leave the power panel of the smoke machine, but also need to leave enough space for home appliances, if the washing machine is also put into the kitchen, also need to The waterway changes position.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the latest hydropower reform quotes in 2016. At present, many of them reflect the development trend of hydropower reforms with low prices and high prices. The price of hydropower reforms is a lot of trickery. You and your consumers should have a lot of price comparisons and a clear total price. Not every unit price can avoid inequality to a certain extent.

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