How to identify true and false digital intercom systems

Currently, some manufacturers on the market are concentrating on the use of semi-digital and semi-digital products as digital products. Since the small project builders or developers in the weaker department are not professional enough, it is easy to let the semi-analog semi-digital building intercom products act as digital products and sell them at high prices to the demanding users. The following Xiaobian will simply introduce to you how to distinguish the semi-simulations. Half-digital products and pure digital products.

Distinguish one
Although the current analog video intercom wiring method has the original complex wiring method to one-line system (ie, ultra-five network cable), and the pure digital video intercom wiring method is also a one-line system (that is, ultra-five network cable) To a large extent, the demander creates such a mentality: the system using the cable is a digital system. This is the most basic, may wish to look at the second
Differentiate two

Pure digital video intercom system is not divided into black and white video intercom and color video intercom, as long as it is a pure color video intercom system is a color video intercom. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use the one-line color visual intercom system to fool the demanders who do not understand. If the manufacturer tells you that it is a demand for digital black-and-white video intercom or digital color video intercom. Congratulations! Don't read down. When manufacturers talk to you, you should know that they are analog products. If the manufacturer does not say this, then please continue to look down the third
Differentiate three

Pure digital video intercom is to follow the TCP/IP protocol products, the intermediate switching equipment can be just an ordinary network switch (all streets and alleys have to sell), and some unscrupulous manufacturers independent research and development of private network switches is used floor allocation The controller and networking controller synthesize the same shell as the network switch to fool customers. Whether demanders can purchase network switches on their own, and if manufacturers answer: they must use their dedicated network switches, congratulations! The simulation product that has approved the coat wants you to beckon. If the answer given by the manufacturer is: Where to buy the network switch wherever it is needed, just ensure the quality of the switch. Demands don't worry first, take a look at the next one.

Distinguish four

Pure digital intercom system has IP address column, port and MAC address for each machine. The semi-analog semi-digital system cannot do this. If the manufacturer says: The IP of the indoor unit is randomly set, as long as they are on the same network segment, congratulations! The digital product you want is found.

How to identify true and false digital intercom systems

For the moment, digital video intercom is in an accelerated period of development, both in the market and in technology, and is increasingly becoming an important role for digital homes. Its own three major elements: video compression, voice processing, network transmission, making digital video intercom and other home multimedia products integration. As the demand for digital products in the market is becoming more and more prosperous, digital video intercom has become a general trend. Many manufacturers have also seen the advantages of digital video intercom products, and they all want to take this “golden train”. Domestic intercom manufacturers also focused their attention on this earlier. Some manufacturers have already produced and sold digital video intercom products. Some manufacturers are still in the research and development stage. As a result, the market for digital visual intercom products is relatively mixed, and half-digital and fake digital products are also full of them, making digital video intercom products in the hearts of users greatly reduced, still taking a wait-and-see attitude. So, how to identify the true and false digital visual system? Mainly identified from the following points:

1, first of all to examine whether the use of standard TCP / IP protocol, whether the audio and video signals transmitted through the encoding and compression of digital signals.

2, to see whether the middle device, networked devices are common. At present, some use dedicated switches, and some rename the switch to switches, etc. These need to be noted. In general, the true networking middleware can be purchased directly from the market. If it can only be purchased from the intercom supplier, it is certainly not a true digital product. The real digital product is standard and universal.

3, look at the interface. When purchasing the product, we must carefully observe the interface of the door machine, the center management machine, the indoor unit and the wall machine to see if it adopts the RJ-45 interface. If it is not the RJ-45 standard interface, it is certainly not a digital intercom equipment.

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