Raiders for creating rural idyllic walls

Many people like the rustic style and also like to collect groceries to make the space more humane and artistic. But to create a rustic grocery style at home, you do n’t need to move the hardware structure of the space or change the furniture. You can have a personal style of rural grocery corner.

Apple boxes over 60 years old

The apple boxes that were acquired from the Provence market each have at least one year old, like an antique box that stayed in the old era, nailed to the wall of the room as a bookshelf or directly stacked into a storage cabinet, what do you want to put Just put it! Photography_Amily

Nail out your own style

Use wall and sundries for decoration, especially every time the ticket stubs and paper slips are reluctant to throw away, it is better to give yourself a reason for no scrupulous 'chaos', let them all find their own 'Village style' At home


This screen retainer spline is constructed of top quality vinyl that is round in shape. It features a hollow core center, it is serrated on its exterior surface, and there is black/white/grey in color. Vinyl screen retainer spline like this one is used to hold fiberglass and aluminum screen material to screen frames of both windows and doors. Pairing the correct spline size and color will ensure your screens go in smoothly and look great. 

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Insect Screen Components

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