What should I do if the attic skylight leaks? How to repair?

If the attic skylights are not built densely, then there will always be a variety of leaks. Sometimes small holes will leak, but they will also evolve very seriously. After the rainstorm, the water leaking from the skylights is simply flooding. So what should I do if the attic skylight leaks? How to repair it?

1. Prepare before installation

Prepare for perfection before installing the skylight. First of all, we must choose the appropriate sunroof to determine the opening mode of the sunroof. Generally, there are three types of opening methods: fixed type, medium suspension type and upper suspension type. If you consider cleaning, ventilation and home maintenance, you can arrange the loft into a small bedroom with a mid-suspension sunroof.

2, choose the size of the open skylight

The entrance to the hole has a great influence on the structure of the attic house; if the size is too small, it will not function as the skylight should have. Commonly used sizes are 780 mm * 980 mm and 780 mm * 1180 mm. The most important thing about the sunroof is that there is no deformation, because the loft-style space with high heat and humidity can easily lead to the deformation of the wooden decorative board products, and the deformation of the skylight directly leads to the leakage of the attic.

3, maintenance operations

If the attic roof is made of waterproof material, but there is still water leakage, it is necessary to carry out a large-scale renovation with the construction unit installed on the sunroof. The construction unit needs to adopt professional maintenance operations to re-arrange the 400 mm space around the skylight according to the standard construction specifications, and it is necessary to meet the construction requirements of the SBS waterproof coil. In addition, the oily base layer needs to be painted in the 300 mm space around the skylight. Treatment agent.

4, waterproof material

If the attic is leaking, it can be tested whether the waterproof material is used in the installation of the attic roof and the skylight. If the building materials are not waterproof, they can only be reworked or re-installed with additional waterproof coatings, but they cannot be cured. Moreover, the waterproof building materials installed in the attic and the skylight need to be able to completely cover the entire roof and ensure that the surface is clean and dry.

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