Pesticide and foliar fertilizer compatible with three elements

Usually, foliar fertilizers and pesticides cannot be mixed, but some farmers' friends will mix foliar fertilizers and pesticides in order to save trouble. The pesticide network reminds you that unless you master the correct configuration method, it is very easy. If there is a problem with phytotoxicity, let's take a look at the correct configuration method and precautions for foliar fertilizer and pesticides.

First of all, we must ensure that the foliar fertilizer and pesticides are mixed and the properties are stable.

Some foliar fertilizers may chemically or physically react with pesticides, affecting the effectiveness of fertilizers and even causing phytotoxicity. For example, foliar fertilizers containing boric acid, ferrous sulfate and the like are mostly acidic, while copper preparations such as copper hydroxide are alkaline. If it is mixed, it is easy to react and affect each other. Therefore, when foliar fertilizer is mixed with pesticides, the first thing to pay attention to is acidity and alkalinity. It is also necessary to test whether flocculation, precipitation or discoloration occurs, and bubbles are generated after mixing. If the liquid has poor performance, it is not suitable for mixed use. Even if the physical properties of the drug solution are good after mixing, it is necessary to carry out a small-scale test first to see if it is prone to damage and phytotoxicity, and then use it in a large area.

Secondly, pay attention to the order in which foliar fertilizer and pesticides are added during mixing.

When the vegetable farmer dispenses a sufficient amount of water, a single dose of the liquid is first dispensed, and the other solution is diluted with the liquid. It is not possible to mix two single agents first and then dilute with water to avoid adverse reactions. When mixed, the order of foliar fertilizer and pesticide added to water is usually: foliar fertilizer, wettable powder, suspending agent, water agent, and emulsifiable oil are added in sequence, and each one is added, then fully stirred and mixed, and then the next one is added.

The drug solution should be used now.

Some foliar fertilizers and pesticides have no adverse reactions when they are just well-matched, but they are prone to slow reactions over a long period of time, which can cause the loss of fertilizer and medicine and even cause harmful effects.


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