Mushroom harvesting skills

First, timely harvest. The harvesting of shiitake mushrooms must adhere to the principle of pre-cooking and first harvesting in order to achieve high yield and quality. The specific harvesting standard is: when the fruiting body grows to the bacterial membrane has been broken, the cap is not fully stretched, the edge is rolled, the pleats are all elongated, and when the white is turned brown, the fruiting body has been matured, which is the best. During the harvest period, the mushrooms should be taken on a sunny day.

Second, harvesting techniques. When harvesting, hold the column in one hand and hold the handle of the mushroom with your thumb and forefinger in one hand. Rotate left and right to separate the stalk from the substrate. Do not pull it up hard to avoid pulling the whole substrate. At the time of harvesting, it should also be noted that the hand can only touch the handle of the mushroom, and can not scratch the pleats and the edge of the umbrella and the umbrella. After the fresh mushrooms are taken, they are placed in small baskets or small baskets and lined with plastic or gauze. It should also be graded in time, and the flowers should be placed in a basket or basket with gauze and processed in time.

Third, bud buds. After the whole of the whole mushroom is harvested, it should be ventilated once. When the weather is dry and sunny, it can be ventilated for 2 hours. When it is cloudy or when the humidity is high, it can be ventilated for 4 hours to make the surface of the column dry, then stop spraying for 5~7 days. . Let the hyphae fully rejuvenate and grow. When the hyphae left by the mushroom is white, the column is replenished with water. The method is to first use a 10 wire to make a hole in the center of the two ends of the column, and reach a depth of 1/2 of the length of the column, and then tie 3 holes at the same distance on the side of the column, and then discharge the column in the dip pool. Place the wood on the column, press the board with a stone block, soak it in water for about 2 hours, and soak the column with water (the weight of the column is slightly lower than the weight before the mushroom). Insufficient bacteria column is insufficient in water, and excessive water immersion may cause the bacteria column to rot, which will affect the mushroom. After hydrating, the column is re-discharged in the sputum, and the management method of the bud buds is repeated, and the second mushroom is prepared. After the second mushroom is harvested, it is still water-stopping, hydrating, and repeating the previous management. Generally, 4 mushroomes are produced.

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