Sewage pipe installation process Sewage pipe installation considerations

Sewage pipe installation is a relatively large project. The drainage pipe is mainly used for domestic water, the sewage pipe is lined with urine, domestic sewage, etc. The industrial sewage pipe is used for discharging industrial waste such as waste water and waste residue. . However, sewers are the most common sewerage tools in our daily life. The following small series introduces the installation process of the sewage pipe and the precautions for the installation of the sewage pipe.

Sewage pipe installation process

1. The product must be lifted lightly during loading, handling, and installation. Barbaric operation is prohibited, and direct dragging and scratching on the ground shall be avoided.

2, when installing the pipeline, according to the depth of the trough, can take the method of manually lifting the trough into the trough or non-metallic rope chute into the trough, but must be placed in order on the smooth and have been dug and meet the relevant requirements of the tube In the groove; under normal circumstances, the direction of the outlet should be consistent with the direction of water flow, from low to high in order to install;

3, when installing the pipeline, the axis of two adjacent tubes should be in a straight line, the offset angle must be less than 2 °;

4. Before the socket interface, first check that the specifications of the rubber seal should be consistent with its product, intact and flexible. The installation position of the sealing ring shall be in the groove between the second and third corrugations of the socket, and the number of the sealing ring shall be determined according to the relevant design requirements. If two sealing rings are placed, the two sealing rings are separated by a corrugation;

5. When installing sockets, the internal working surface and external working surface of the sockets and sockets should be cleaned first, and there should be no mud and sand impurities. Then, lubricant is applied on the inner surface of the sockets, and then the sockets are promptly inserted. The central axis is aligned with the center axis of the socket. At this time, a piece of wood or hard plastic plate can be placed on the other end of the pipe. The pipe to be installed is slowly inserted into the socket along the axis direction and inserted into the bearing with a crowbar. Mouth bottom

6, the length of the pipe adjustment, the general use of hand saw cutting, so that the end should be vertical and flat with the center line, there must be no defect.

7. After the pipelines are installed and qualified, the tightness of pipelines should be checked and closed water inspection methods should be adopted.

Sewage pipe installation precautions

1, about the amount of drainage pipe. Prior to the installation of the drainage pipe, the relevant staff or users must initially estimate the usage. Then make purchases based on your own estimates. Avoid buying too much or too little. According to the number of materials to determine the progress of the project's installation.

2. Regardless of any drain installation works, be sure to use new water pipes. If the water pipe that meets the old house or the second-hand house is damaged, remember not to replace the new one for the sake of economy. You need to know that some parts are new water pipes that are inconvenient to replace. Therefore, it is recommended that you change it and replace it all together. This will ensure that the drain pipe is safe and reliable after installation.

3, before the installation of the drainage pipe, each drainage pipe and each accessory must be carefully checked in detail. Look at the drain pipe for damage, wear, etc., and pay attention to whether the drain pipe has leakage or not. In addition, the specification of the inspected fittings is indefinable in accordance with the standard of the drainage pipe. When connecting, it must be performed in accordance with the correct method. After the connection is completed, relevant tests are required.

4, on the direction of the drainage pipe is also worth noting the entire installation project. It is recommended that the drain pipe top is the safest solution. Because if the drain goes underground, if there is a variety of leaks, it is difficult to find timely and effective. The method of taking the water pipe to the top of the water pipe, even if the water pipe leaks, can be discovered in time, and then adopt an effective treatment scheme to make the loss of the user smaller.

5. After the drain pipe is installed, it must be tested effectively and correctly. Normally, professional and regular manufacturers will take the relevant boost test after installing the drainage pipe. Only after this test is passed can the drain function be officially activated.

Editor's summary: The installation process of the sewage pipe and the precautions for the installation of the sewage pipe are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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