China's first 18-axis dual-arm robot is widely used in industrial fields.

A few days ago, the "3rd China Robot Summit and Global Return to Ningbo Summit" opened on the bank of Siming Lake in Yuyao, Zhejiang. There is an 18-axis dual-arm smart collaboration robot that attracts the public's attention. This is the first self-developed dual-arm robot in China and the world's first 18-axis dual-arm robot. The team is led by the national “Thousand Talents Program” expert Gan Middle School. The research and development is completed.

At present, most industrial robots are single-armed robots, which are only suitable for specific products and working environments, and cannot achieve human-computer interaction. Previously, Sweden's ABB Group and Japan's Yaskawa have both released their 14-axis robots. The 18-axis dual-arm smart collaboration robot released by the Gan Middle School team consists of two high-precision 7-DOF arms and a 4-DOF autonomous mobile platform. Each robotic arm has a high repeatability and can achieve a repeatability of 0.03 mm. The two-arm co-positioning accuracy is 0.1 mm and the maximum arm span can reach 850 mm. The autonomous mobile platform has 4 degrees of freedom and a McLaren wheel for movement in any direction. The robot's breakthrough performance also includes a robotic arm with a load of up to 3 kg and a mobile platform load of more than 50 kg. In addition, this robot realizes the intelligent closed-loop control at the end of the tool, which provides a technical basis for the realization of "human-machine active collaborative work".

Ganzhong Middle School is the first batch of special experts of the National “Thousand Talents Program”, the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” 863 Program Expert, and the 973 Chief Scientist. He was the chief scientist of the ABB Group's automation field and the director of the North American Robotics Research Center. He introduced that the 18-axis dual-arm smart collaboration robot can quickly realize the replacement of the existing large number of manual operations, which can be widely used in industrial production, hazardous treatment, national defense, aerospace and other aspects.

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