Common stonewashing practices and construction techniques

Washed stone is a very important decorative road material, its various shapes, and colors are also varied, very beautiful and refined, people pleasing. Washed stone is different from marble or terrazzo, and its surface is relatively smooth, so it is a type of decoration with a large demand. There are many manufacturers of stonewashing products that are distributed throughout the country in order to meet consumer demand for stonewashing and provide consumers with more convenience. However, many people still don't know about washing stones, let alone washing stones . But don't worry, if you have any needs in this area, you may wish to follow me to learn more about the practice of washing stone .

Washed stone profile

Washed stone refers to the mixture of cement and aggregates. After smoothing and quick drying, the cement on the surface of the aggregate is washed off with water to expose the surface of the aggregate. The aggregate has many kinds of fine stones, and the specifications are usually smaller than 8 percent! The most common is the yellow hemistone. The terrazzo is the opposite of the washed stone. It refers to the mixing of the machine or the artificially-polished cement and the aggregate. It is difficult to process. It was previously used in many interiors and has a good effect. It can simulate the stone effect.

Washed stone application

Washed stones can be decorated in various shapes and designs because of their various colors and shapes. They are widely used in interior decoration and outdoor landscape modeling. Some large-scale exterior wall decorations also use washed stones. Out of the natural feeling of simplicity. Garden landscape more water wash stone craft.

Washed stone specifications

Washed stone specifications 300X300, 400X400 and so on.


Washed stone manufacturers

Hangzhou Shangnuo Washed Stone Factory was originally founded in 1993 in Fujian Hui'an Shengli Stone Grinding Tools Co., Ltd. It has a number of senior engineers and a large professional construction team. Over the years in good faith-based, won many customers. Shangnuo Washed Stone, Terrazzo, Washed Rice Stone, Water Brush Stone, Mechanism Cobblestone, Adhesive Stone, Washed Stone Floor Tiles, Foot Massage Health Care Tiles. Specializing in the production of washed stone products, has three color stone mines, five processing areas.

Sanli Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai Jialilai Stone Business Department The factory was established in 2004. The company is located in the international metropolis of the Yangtze River Delta in Pudong, Shanghai. The traffic here is very developed. There are international deepwater terminals, and Sanlin, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Town Jialilai Stone Business Department is the largest net stone, small marble, free stone, cobblestone, washed stone, rain stone, mechanism cobble, white stone, water brush stone, quartz sand, gold sand, gold stone, aquatic grass in Shanghai area Sand, colorful stone, colorful stone, diamond, green pebble, Taihu stone, white jade stone, coral sand, landscape stone, garden stone, white marble, imported washed stone, golden jade, colored stone, stone rice, stone mosaic and so on.

Nanjing Mangrove Yuhua Stone Factory specializes in producing Nanjing colorful stone, cobblestone, agate color stone, mesh stone, stone, garden stone, washed stone, colorful stone, colored pebble, quartz sand, striped stone, gravel, wall tile patch, Floor tiles, boxed stone gifts, garden stone, mechanism pebbles, red pebble companies. Cobblestone products are red, yellow, black, white, green and other colors, with an annual output of 10,000 tons. Nanjing Mangroves Stone Factory is of good quality and fast delivery, and is responsible for all export procedures. Nanjing Mangrove Yuhua Stone Factory also produces various natural colorful pebbles, stone eggs and other craft gifts for garden use and decoration.

Located at the junction of the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui, the Liudong Color Stone Factory of Guangde County, Anhui Province is rich in mineral resources and convenient transportation. It is adjacent to Taiji Cave, one of the four known as “the world's four musts” and belongs to the largest stone town in southeast Guizhou. The Liudong colored stone factory in Guangde County of Anhui Province was founded in 1979 (formerly Liutong Marble Mine). It once imported mining equipment from Italy to produce red cream marble M-1459 and beige marble M-1560. It was exported to Europe and America. And other countries. The Liudong colored stone factory in Guangde County of Anhui Province now has its own mine mining area, with free choice of materials and fine processing. The main production and operation are: deep red, liver red, beige, black, marine green, malachite green, Phoenix green and other terrazzo. Wash diamonds and corundum used on abrasion resistant floors.

Washed stone construction process

Washed stone is a very good building decoration material, many manufacturers have studied this process, hoping to get a place in this fierce competitive market, summed up the main three kinds of water washing stone is a very good construction process, the following to give you a brief introduction a bit:

1. Crystal color curing method: according to the designer's requirements, different colors of washed stones and special glue mix, after the primer, smear, curing is completed, not limited by the pattern, shape, suitable for interior walls, exterior walls.

2. Cement mixing method: Gravel and cement are mixed and mixed together. After leveling, painting, and rubbing, surface treatment is completed. It is suitable for saunas, bathrooms, outdoor, garden roads, cylindrical landscapes, and wells.

3. Net-sticking glue legal: This is a construction process to be introduced in this paper, pre-bonded sieved stone particles in the mesh fabric, glass fiber web site, the general size of 300X300ram =, the edge of the sawtooth type, and then use Similar to the paste construction method of construction of the mosaic, with a special adhesive paste, suitable for large-scale wall surface, special window, floor and so on. In many projects, the use of white tiles and net-washed stone in the outer wall is a good result.


Stonewashing practices

1. Clean up the base layer: Clean up the ash, oil, laitance and debris on the surface of the base layer. Such as local uneven, should be flattened convex, concave with 1:3 mortar fill; if there is oil must be washed with 10% alkali solution, and rinse with water and dry.

2. Wipe the bottom mortar: first wipe a prime cement slurry (with 10% of the water content of 107 glue) in the grassroots level, and then wipe the bottom mortar layer by layer; the bottom mortar should be straightened with a ruler, and use wood crab hair, After the final coagulation, the mortar is sprinkled and cured.

3. Peel the grout surface: Scrape a plain grout, grind the grouting slurry two times from bottom to top, and wipe the surface slightly higher than the finished floor on both sides. Finally, grind the grout and compact it.

4. Brush the surface with a brush to remove the cement slurry, re-compact the slippery light, and then in turn brush, press 3 to 4 times; until the surface layer begins to condense, water brush stone brush can not afford to stone, can be used alone The water brush is used to grind the slurry and the other person uses a water hose to spray water at a distance of 20cm from the surface. After the surface is washed clean and the stones are exposed, the surface layer can be thoroughly rinsed with clean water, and closed, and the person is sprayed to maintain the water. After the maintenance is completed, it is found that gravel residue on the surface of the stone can be removed by oxalic acid scrubbing. Note that the oxalic acid residue must be diluted in time and discharged into the sewer, and must not flow into the green land.

Editor's summary: If everyone is interested in stonewashing, or if you plan to use it for interior decoration, you can also try to make stonewashed stone. Although the process is not very simple, but it is believed that mastering the practice of washing stones and proceeding to produce washed stones should not be a big problem for everyone. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but as long as you don’t give up and stick to the end, you’ll be successful!

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