What kinds of materials are there for cabinet doors?

There are many kinds of cabinet door materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. So how do you choose which kind of cabinet door material you want? Let's take a look at these kinds of cabinet door materials with gojia. The function and function.


Cabinet door - solid wood type

Because the materials of such cabinets are better, they are more expensive than other materials. If you prefer the decoration style of ancient rhymes, and if the decoration in your home is classical, you can choose the type of this material. The shape and quality are better.

Cabinet door - crystal plate

The crystal cabinet door is made of plexiglass. The good crystal board uses acrylic as the raw material. It is a kind of environmentally friendly material, and it will not be deformed. The shape is beautiful and three-dimensional. This design has also won the favor of some consumers. It is also more affordable, adding a bright feeling to the kitchen.

Cabinet door - fire board

This is the best-selling cabinet door on the market. The advantages of the material itself are enthusiastically sought after by everyone. The door-to-door material with high cost performance is also divided into domestic and imported fire door panels. The relative price of domestic products is relatively low. Its unique advantages are moisture-proof, non-fading, delicate hand, impervious, resistant to heat, high temperature and so on. The price is more affordable than the wood, and the color is brighter.

Cabinet door - molded type

Molded cabinet doors made of MDF are divided into two types: matt molding plate and high-gloss molding plate. The design on the shape will have advantages, unique shape and wear resistance. MDF is also divided into high density boards, medium density boards, and low density boards. Different MDF products are also produced, each with its own characteristics.

Cabinet door - metal texture

The biggest feature of this kind of cabinet door is that it is easy to take care of, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, unique shape and strong overall feeling. It is the most high-grade cabinet door material, suitable for ultra-high-end decoration. It is highly respected at home and abroad. Because of its uniqueness, the metal-style cabinet door is the first in the market. Since it is so good, the price is naturally extremely expensive.

Cabinet door - melamine veneer type

The main attraction of this material is that it is not easy to be deformed, and the surface is smooth, the color is bright, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, etc., and the price is relatively suitable. Compared with the metal-like material, it is a more economical material for making cabinets. Door panel. It is a recommended door panel.

The relevant information about the cabinet door is introduced here, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can continue to pay attention to the good home network, gojia network will be answered as soon as possible.

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