Companies that are pursuing should know how to clean office walls

As a pursuing company, a clean and hygienic working environment is a must. However, this seemingly simple cleaning work is not really easy. Different areas, different materials, different cleaning methods are needed. Take office walls as an example to explain the cleanliness of the office.
1, the office wall surface cleaning ceramic tile wall If the tile wall is used in the office decoration, you can use a relatively soft fabric for direct cleaning, for some stubborn stains can be washed directly with water, after cleaning is completed Keep the room ventilated so that the surface of the tiles will dry quickly. If small gaps and stains appear in the area of ​​the tiles, then the steel balls can be used to wipe the stains. The stains will be quickly cleaned away. Some acidic or dissolving detergents are suitable for use. of.

2. Office wall surface cleaning The wall surface painting is undoubtedly the most important part of the painting process. If the wall of the office has good water resistance properties, you can use a rag to scrub directly, and then wipe it. You can do it. Some water-resistant walls can be wiped with an eraser or cleaned directly with a cleaning solution, but it must be noted that the force should not be too fierce, and that the final wall surface is dry. If there is a crack in the wall of the office, these broken parts can be directly removed, and the paint with similar colors can be directly repaired so that the existing gaps can be repaired and flattened to ensure the beauty of the office.

3, office wall clean-up wallpaper wall Office wallpaper wall decoration is also relatively common, the general wallpaper is composed of PVC molecules, the use of this wallpaper is more common, the clean process once Touching the water will quickly infiltrate the life of the wallpaper's internal marketing wallpaper, so the wallpaper should be cleaned to avoid using water to clean it directly. The common wallpaper is divided into native wood and recycled wood. The toughness of the former is better. The resulting decorative effect is also relatively smooth and flat. The water resistance produced by the latter is relatively poor. When cleaning, care must be taken not to make contact with water.

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