Regarding the selection of balcony curtains, I have a little suggestion...

Speaking of the curtains, everyone first thought about the big curtain at home. That's right, but there are many types of curtains. The curtains used in each area are different. Do you know what kind of curtains are suitable for use on the balcony? In fact, Xiao Bian's own balcony is the use of curtains, but also blackout curtains, for the small series of their own feelings, for the general home decoration, the curtain cloth curtain installation is still possible. Because of the first, the price of fabric curtains is still within the acceptable range. Second, the lifespan of fabric curtains is still relatively long. Besides the discoloration of fabrics, everything else is still good. However, for the overall decoration style to look good and improve the standard of living, many families will choose to install shutters on the balcony. So what are the advantages of blinds compared to traditional fabric curtains? ● Adjust light blinds Because the leaves of the curtain are active, you can adjust the strength of the light by adjusting the leaves. The balcony is the place where the light shines most. Then the function of adjusting the light intensity is not what the blinds have. So balcony-mounted shutters are good. ● Ventilation and soundproofing Compared to traditional curtains, the ventilation and soundproofing of shutters is still relatively good , and in the case of strong sunlight, it is very important to be able to shade very well. In the summer, At the time, you will be very glad that the blinds can keep the sun out of the window. ●Easy to clean There is another point. Everyone who knows how to wash curtains knows that cleaning fabric curtains is a big project. First, the curtains should be lowered down, and then put into the washing machine. After washing, they are ready to dry and hang up. The process will be very tired. However, if blinds are used, as long as they are sprayed with cleaning agents, they can be wiped with a cloth. There is no need for disassembly and there will be no problem of discoloration. Therefore, Xiao Bian thinks that the use of blinds on the balcony is good.

Balcony curtains how to choose the living room balcony curtains

Barricades are obstacles that block road traffic. They can refer to barriers used as fences during road construction, oil pressure security barricades to prevent terrorist attacks outside important building doors, or roadblocks temporarily constructed by demonstrators during large-scale demonstrations.
The use of barricades may have originated from the turbulent Paris of the 16th century. Under the rule of King Henry III, the lives of the French people were hard. The supporters of the Duke of Guise took to the streets on May 12, 1588, and built roadblocks , History called "First Day of the Barricades". For the next two centuries, roadblocks played an extremely important role in major social movements in France.
Rejection is a type of motorized roadblock. In ancient China, setting up long guns or matching wooden poles to create obstacles to defend against the attack of enemy cavalry is called "rejecting carbines". The three intersecting and intersecting, fixed with iron as the "distant gu solid refusal carbine". A large wooden bar, with different lengths of wood, wears nine to ten iron guns, which is called a "close guard antler". Similar fortifications exist in the West.
Modern refusal horses are instead composed of iron frames and barbed wire, so it is also called "iron refusal horses" and has a wider range of uses. In addition to its military use, it will also be used in the riot operation. It has the effect of isolating and blocking people and vehicles. In addition, some modern horse-rejecting horses are also designed with walking wheels and strong maneuverability, which can be completed in a short time by 2 to 4 people. However, due to its light weight, short piles are sometimes added to the ground.

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