The market for biodiesel is not selling the raw materials, but it has been rising.

According to the biodiesel network observation, the biodiesel plant has a very low start-up rate, and most of the production is semi-powered. What causes the domestic biodiesel plant to be in such an embarrassing situation. We don’t talk about policy today, because the policy is lagging behind, or it’s still hovering in the air, when it’s still unknown.

Let's talk about the market, raw materials, in the recent period, can be used as waste oil for biodiesel production (there is no mention of water oil here, because the price of water is too high or even exceeds biodiesel), the price has been high, and In some areas, prices have risen, which has led to a sudden increase in the production cost of biodiesel. As far as the current market conditions are concerned, biodiesel enterprises are incapable of eating; therefore, large-scale production stops have occurred, and the order is turned on depending on the order.

In terms of biodiesel, the main focus is on the epoxy plasticizer channel. According to our data, the current price of non-standard diesel is 3300-3800 yuan per ton, and the second and third countries are also in the early 4000s, as an alternative. Biodiesel has a clear lack of competitive advantage; therefore, the demand for blending channels is suppressed; the epoxy chemical channel has higher requirements for biodiesel, and most manufacturers do not meet the indicators. In addition, the market for this piece is very limited; On the whole, the biodiesel market is difficult and sales are not normal.

Since the biodiesel plant has not been turned on, then where is the waste oil, and the market is still very hot...

(To be continued)

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