What are the causes of the failure of the explosion-proof lighting (power) distribution box?

Explosion-proof lighting (power) The reason that the power distribution box is faulty What industrial products, no matter which manufacturer produces the product, can not guarantee its permanent normal operation. In the process of our use, all kinds of work failures will occur, resulting in the failure of production. Normally, the explosion-proof distribution box is no exception. The explosion-proof (lighting) power distribution box is an industrial product that is extremely high in safety requirements and extremely prone to failure. It causes explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes or explosion-proof power distribution. The reasons for the failure of the electrical box may be technical problems, environmental problems, or problems with explosion-proof enclosures, and problems with the product itself.

In the following, we will summarize and report through the failures of the explosion-proof lighting power distribution boxes that customers often reflect. We hope to provide users with certain convenience in daily use:

1. Explosion-proof power distribution boxes and other explosion-proof enclosures will not be opened due to permanent flames, oxidation results, more or less rust will appear on the explosion-proof surface! Causes the explosion-proof surface to not be bent, affecting the explosion-proof result.

2. Influence of ambient temperature on low-voltage electrical appliances We know that many low-voltage electrical appliances are mainly composed of fuses, AC contactors, residual current action protectors, capacitors, and meters. These low-voltage electrical appliances have limited temperature conditions. If the operating temperature exceeds this range, it will cause a failure. 3. Since the AC contactor capacity is not properly selected at the time of manufacture, install AC contacts of the same capacity for different outlet circuits. Without considering the unbalanced condition of the three-phase load, but failing to increase the current level of part of the outlet contactor on the basis of the normal selection model and increasing the selection of one current level, resulting in the occurrence of AC contactor burnout during summer hot season operation. Case.

4. Explosion-proof seals used on the lid of the box are used for too long and are aging, affecting the sealing result.

5. Excessive use of explosion-proof enclosures takes a long time, and collisions or natural dropouts affect the anti-corrosion results.

6. Explosion-proof switchgear factories need urgent and large quantities of low-voltage electrical appliances. These many reasons make the manufacturer's requirements for product quality not strict, causing some products to fail shortly after they are put into operation. If some types of AC contactors were put into operation shortly after the distribution box was put into operation, they could not be operated because the contactor closing coil was burned out.

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