Dry goods in the season | Comau robot solves problems for tubing winding applications

The robot arm is currently being developed and applied in various industries, such as tea. As a rubber tubing processing industry, advanced robots can also be used to solve the practical problems of artificially repeating high-load labor and harsh environment.
Traditional method
In the traditional rubber tubing processing, the tubing needs to be completely wrapped with tape, and then the wrapped tubing is placed in an oven for baking. The quality of the finished product depends entirely on the tightness of the tubing during the wrapping process and whether it is wrinkled. In the actual operation, because the workers will face a long-time overload movement and a highly polluted working environment during the winding process, it is imperative to use robots for automated winding operations.
Comau's advantage
The Coma Racer7-1.4 robot has a unique mechanical design that can fully utilize the flexibility of the robot wrist. It should be "hand" in the complex tubing rotation winding application. The following is a detailed description of the actual application of the Racer7-1.4 robot. Intelligent and flexible features.
Figure 1: Comau Racer7-1.4
Due to the long rubber tube, the curve of the curve space is complex, and the rate is small. The general robot wrist can not achieve such a complicated tape winding operation, but the Racer7-1.4 robot can easily do the job.
Figure 2: Comau robot tubing winding application
The mystery of success
The sixth axis of the Racer7-1.4 robot is different from other brands of robots. It can make a rotating motion of plus or minus 2700 degrees. It is because of this unique flexibility in the same kind of robot that the Racer7-1.4 robot is winding in complex tubing. It can be easily rotated freely, and it can be used in a high-speed winding process.
Due to the balanced force of the Roboter7-1.4 robot arm, the wrapped tubing tape loop is tight and dense, and the surface is uniform and wrinkle-free, which greatly improves the yield of the next baking process. Its speed is five times that of the average skilled worker, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the high-load work of the workers, and solves the health problems of the workers.
Figure 3: Tubing diagram of the finished product
Comau robot adopts offline programming technology, which has great advantages in the processing of complex 3D parts and special materials. It realizes the simultaneous production and program teaching in complex implementation, shortens the on-site debugging time, and the robot is highly intelligent. And flexible is widely used in the automotive industry, 3C industry, engineering machinery, medical equipment, mold industry, etc., Coma robot makes processing more convenient.
About Comau
Comau is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems that seamlessly integrate products, processes and services to dramatically increase efficiency and reduce overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, with a network of more than 14,000 employees, Coma is committed to leveraging the latest technologies and processes to provide customers with an advanced system that consistently exceeds expectations. Comau specializes in body welding and assembly, powertrain assembly and assembly, robotics and repair services, as well as manufacturing systems and environmental services for a variety of industrial sectors. Continuously expanding and upgrading products and services enable Comau to lead the industrial automation industry to meet the unique needs of each customer, throughout the entire project cycle – from design, implementation and installation, to production commissioning and maintenance services.

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