Talking about the Advantages and Installation Methods of Three Roller Gates

In recent years, triple roll gates have gradually emerged in the intelligent construction industry. Newly constructed office buildings and commercial buildings in major cities across the country are already smart buildings, which means that the intelligent three-roll gate of public buildings has become a modern building. Standard configuration. However, the development of smart homes in China is even longer. In terms of basic functions, the intelligentization of large-scale public buildings has entered the popularization stage.

Product advantages:

The cost of the three-roll gate (three-slug gate) is lower than that of other types of gates, and the customer's purchase intention is prioritized.

The three-roll gate has a more practical anti-trailing function. Compared with other gates, the structure design of the triple roller gate has already paid attention to the anti-tracking design; no additional auxiliary components are required;

The design of the three roller gate is relatively easy to guide the user's application. Because of its high popularity and simple structure, ordinary first-time users do not need to learn and can be applied directly.

Installation method and steps:

First, determine the three roller gate installation program:

In the communication with the customer to determine the program, the width of the venue, how much the length, clearly can install a few machines, is the choice of vertical three roller gate, or bridge three roller gate, vertical three roller gate size: 420x330x980 (mm), Bridge Type Three Roller Gate Dimensions: 1200x280x1000(mm), three-roller brake lever to chassis size 510mm, ie, vertical three-roller gate area: 420x(330+510), bridge type three-roller gate covers an area of ​​1200x ( 280+510), when determining the type selection, fully consider the gap between the gate and the brake lever, the area occupied by each three-roll gate, the placement position, and how to route the wiring (whether it is going through the open line or the dark line). The goal is set, waiting for the tripod to the site.

Second, three roller gate fixed position wiring:

According to the previously determined plan, the specific size of the three-roll gate shall be clearly defined, and the pre-embedded pipe shall be prepared. The clearance between the gate and the gate shall be 50-100mm. The upper cover can be opened to prevent adjustment of the machine and maintenance, etc. Without leaving any gaps, two 6- to 8-minute plastic tubes are embedded between the gate and the gate, one hose takes the power cord (strong power), and the other hose takes the signal wire (weak current). Take a rubber hose at the same time as the signal line, this will affect the communication effect. The embedded pipe should be exposed to the ground with a height of 30-40mm. The vertical three-roll gate should be at the bottom of the machine, and the bridge-type three roller gate should be at two. The side is good (because the bridge bottom of the triple roller gate is closed).

Third, the roller lock fixed adjustment:

Fixed bottom is fixed with 4-M10x100 expansion screw, can not swing, the whole level, the overall appearance of the same, (preferably fixed before using a thin line straight, vertical and horizontal consistent), between the three roller gate and the three roller gate in series , Adjust one by one, the line can be used normally.

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