The space elevator will be built: a height of 20,000 meters

NASA is busy testing the largest rocket in history and plans to launch astronauts to Mars. At the same time, a Canadian space company is considering different strategies to lead a new era of space travel. At present, the company plans to build a space elevator, which will save a lot of fuel and rockets into space.

The company has obtained a US patent for the construction of a free-standing tower structure that extends 20,000 meters from the surface of the Earth to the height of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) in Dubai. 20 times. The company's president and CEO, Tot Caroline-Roberts, claims that the space tower also includes automatic landing rocket technology, which will open a new era of space transportation in the future.

Referring to the powerful landing system developed by Space X, she pointed out that barges landing on the sea are good demonstrations, but a space tower that landed 20,000 meters above sea level would make space flight more like a ride. Jet airliner. Future space elevators can also be an important part of space tourism, while also producing wind energy and enabling space communications.

It is reported that the designer of the space elevator is Dr. Brandon Quin, who said: "The astronauts will rise to 20,000 meters through the space elevator. At the top of the space tower, the space plane will launch a single-stage launch into space orbit. Return to the top of the space tower to refuel and refuel."

Other space elevator designs are more complex, such as the use of graphene and carbon nanotube materials. It is said that the space tower designed by Toth uses dynamic materials and flywheels to provide dynamic stability. At present, the space elevator designed by Toth has avoided the complex effects of the geostationary orbit by limiting the maximum height of 20,000 meters.

This is not the first time to design a space elevator. Since the Russian scientist Konstantin Teskoovsky first proposed the concept of space elevators in 1895, many engineers are considering the possibility of space elevators.

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