Edible fungus harvesting method

Mastering the best harvesting period The various mushroom ears are basically mature when they are 70 to 80% mature, and have a good taste. Taking shiitake mushrooms as an example: the signs of maturity in the seven or eight, that is, the bacterial membrane has been broken, the cap is not fully developed, and there is still a little involution, forming a "copper edge"; the pleats have all been elongated and turned from white to yellowish brown or When it is dark brown, it is the most suitable harvesting period for shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms harvested at the right time have bright color, strong aroma, thick cap, and soft and tough meat.

The picking of edible fungi pays attention to the picking technique. When picking mushrooms, such as mushrooms, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, Agaricus blazei, and bamboo rafts, they must be harvested according to the principle of large size. When picking the mushrooms, the thumb and forefinger pinch the base of the mushroom handle, first rotate left and right, and then gently pull up. Be careful not to hurt the mushroom buds. For colloidal fungi such as white fungus, black fungus, hair fungus, and clustered oyster mushroom, wind-tailed mushroom, enoki mushroom, etc., use a sharp knife to cut from the base when harvesting, pay attention to keep the shape complete.

Choosing suitable weather for sunny harvesting is conducive to processing, and the water content in rainy days is high, it is difficult to dry and affect quality. However, if the mushroom ear is mature, it should be harvested in a timely manner on a rainy day, but it must be handled. For black fungus, white fungus, etc., stop spraying water, strengthen ventilation, and harvest when the weather is fine.

Use fresh mushrooms suitable for container harvesting. It should be packed in small baskets or small baskets, and should be lightly handled to keep the fruit bodies intact and prevent each other from being crushed and damaged. It is especially not suitable to use sacks, wooden barrels, wooden boxes and other containers to avoid appearance damage or mildew. The fresh mushrooms collected should be divided according to the size of the mushroom body and the shape of the mushroom for processing.

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