April Fool's Day home you did not discuss!

Have you ever retired your friend and come to your home again? How can this time be the object of being crushed again? The revenge plan was launched! On April Fool's Day, inviting friends to visit you at home. When you are eating, put on such a fork, I believe you will be a stench. But what is the relationship, April Fool's Day is just like fun, Bo man smile! On April Fool's Day, you can entertain others with this little entertainment, and this chair is most appropriate. There is no danger, winning everyone with a smile. What do you do when you come to work? It is not appropriate to find someone to vent, but the chair in the picture above can let you completely vent it, there is a hammer next to it, what kind of shape is entirely up to you, is not it great? Used to defuse friends on April Fool's Day It is also a very good choice! Frequent pressing of the switch often wastes a lot of power. The designers who advocated saving thought that the switch was equipped with traps to warn those people. The switch that looks like a brightly coloured trap can look pretty, but when you press the switch, it's no mercy. I do not know if someone would turn the switch on and never turn it off again. Can you eat a pencil? ! Yes, this pencil is rich in color, maybe you can get it. This pencil grinds common fruits, vegetables and grains into powders and mixes them in a certain proportion to create a shape of colored pencils. It looks exactly the same as a normal colored pencil. Friends who want to prank can't miss this real pencil. When scholar Qi Heng studied at an hour, because of his poor family, he couldn't read a book at night, but he had to perforate the wall and steal neighbor lights to take the opportunity to study hard. This gypsum egg-shaped chandeliers has something in common with it – you have to use a small hammer to make a hole in the surface of the chandeliers so that light can see through. You can "carve" any pattern or text you like. On April Fool's Day, send friends such a chandelier to see if they can find the light source. Want to open the door? Push your feet! Stairs and doors are not placed on a vertical line, which allows users to choose to twist open the door or simply open the door with a kick. Like the staggered doors of the stairs, this cabinet-style three-door door can be staggered and opened, but you need to open all three cabinets very hard to get into the room. It looks very classic and exquisite, but unfortunately can only look at it, completely useless. The light looks beautiful, but it is full of powerlessness. Lacklabproducts's Spread Heads series, these two heads are the mayonnaise and ketchup sauce bottle squeeze head, slightly disgusting styling somebody loves and somebody swears, do you dare to eat? Creative gifts vent stool, novelty Funny funny tricky whole toy. Depressed person must have headphones, scary and dedicated. Is this lamp OK to use at night?

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