What are the reasons why the mushroom grows slowly?

1. Incompatibility of strains and seasons. If the high-temperature variety of Pleurotus ostreatus is cultivated in winter, it will cause the "discomfort" of Pleurotus ostreatus, which is mainly caused by slow-growing bacteria, late mushrooming, and even no bacteria. Therefore, in winter, the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus requires selection of low-temperature varieties. In the same way, in the spring season of spring and autumn oyster mushrooms, high-temperature varieties should be selected.

2. The environment of the mushroom farm is not suitable for "poisoning". If you choose a room that is dark or poorly ventilated, or choose to grow mushrooms in unsanitary places, these are the causes of contamination. The toxins secreted by the bacteria inhibited the growth of edible fungi, and there was a "poisoning symptom", which showed that the oyster mushrooms could not grow normally, or even completely scrapped; some were stubborn, but they were damaged by the high carbon dioxide content during the mushrooming period. , can not produce mushrooms or form deformed mushrooms. Therefore, when selecting a mushrooming place, you should choose a clean and hygienic place with good ventilation and scattered light.

3. Culture material contamination. If you use cultivating oyster mushrooms with contaminated or agglomerated raw materials, or adding excess urea or other chemical fertilizers to supplement the nitrogen source when blending nutrients, it will cause large-scale pollution, resulting in no mushroom or hair. The mushrooms are slow. Therefore, we must first choose clean, non-caking culture materials; secondly, only a certain amount of urea is added when the stock is fermented, and urea or other nitrogen fertilizer is not added to the raw material cultivation.

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