Kitchen shelf what style kitchen rack picture appreciation

For small kitchens, racks play a very large role, not only can be placed in a variety of small kitchen items, but also can effectively save space, so that the kitchen is more clean and tidy. But there are many styles of kitchen shelves in the market. Which model is better? Here we recommend several kitchen racks for everyone, I hope you will like it.

What are the styles of kitchen shelves?

1, double dish drain rack

The following picture shows this rack style is very simple, double-layer design, the capacity is very large, you can put washed dishes directly on the shelf, and then the water will directly flow into the sink from the next hole, so it is convenient and It is clean and does not breed bacteria. Therefore, it is deeply favored and loved by everyone.

2, kitchen fruit and vegetable finishing rack

The following picture of the fruit and vegetable rack is also very practical, multi-layer design can not only accommodate a lot of things, but also has the effect of saving space. The hollow sidewall type design can be both ventilated and fresh and beautiful and stylish, so it is highly recognized and welcomed by users.

3, microwave oven racks

This rack is very simple and practical, not only can be placed in the microwave oven, but also can be placed above the microwave oven kitchen supplies, so that can increase the kitchen space and make the kitchen more clean and tidy, there is a need for a friend Think about it!

4, wall-mounted multi-function racks

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets. All kinds of spoons, knives, and spice jars can mess up the kitchen. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, it is best to install a multi-functional rack on the wall. This will not only save space, but also Kitchenware can be included to make the kitchen more clean and tidy.

5, kitchen retractable sink racks

If the kitchen is too small, you may wish to use the retractable kitchen shelf shown below. It not only can be adjusted according to your needs, but also has many functions. It can not only store items but also drain water, making the kitchen more clean. tidy.

6, large storage multifunctional wall mount

When designing the kitchen, to make good use of the wall space, you can install the multifunctional wall mount below on the wall. The stainless steel shelf is not only strong and durable, but also has a strong storage capacity. It can put a variety of items on it to make the kitchen space more clean and tidy.

The article concludes: What are the styles of the kitchen racks and the related knowledge of the kitchen racks ? We have introduced here. If you need to know a lot of information, please continue to pay attention to this site and we will have more exciting content.

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