Window sill decoration material which sill decoration 3 major matters needing attention

Most people often overlook the window sill area when they are decorating the living room. In fact, a good window sill can improve the texture of the entire home, and at the same time increase the space utilization rate. Therefore, the selection of a high-quality sill decoration material is also important. It is very necessary, in order to better solve the phenomenon of yellowing windowsill decoration, then what are the windowsill decoration materials ? Here's a look along with Xiaobian.

What are the windowsill decoration materials - marble windowsill

This kind of material is very common in daily life. It has beautiful appearance and rich style. At the same time, its special processing technology makes certain radiation elements contained in marble greatly reduced. Therefore, it is relatively healthy for the human body. Environmental protection, in addition to marble as a windowsill decoration material, showing a unique sense of stone material, full of beauty.

What are the windowsill decoration materials - solid wood window sill

Everyone knows that wood is a very good material. The texture it displays is very natural and clear. So, it has a warm and comfortable feeling for the windowsill. However, although the solid wood window sill is beautiful, it is recommended that it be best affixed. Woodgrain paper, otherwise under long-term sunlight or rain erosion, will become corrupt, affecting the beauty of the entire home improvement environment.

What are the windowsill decoration materials - quartz stone windowsill

This is a relatively cost-effective material, usually used in kitchen cabinets, but there are also some users will make it into the windowsill, stylish appearance, excellent texture, make it become the material that the masses love. In addition, quartz stones do not radiate radiation and pose no threat to human health. Therefore, they are very popular.

3 windowsill decoration note

1, clearly distinguish between primary and secondary, clear function

In general, most of the houses now have 2 or 3 windowsills, which make the room more light. However, in the renovation, it is necessary to clarify the functions of each window sill, so that it is more relevant when selecting materials.

2, pay attention to the quality of decoration

During construction, we must pay attention to quality issues. If it is necessary to package, we should pay attention to its resistance to wind, check whether it is installed firmly enough, and whether the seal is good enough. In addition, it is easy to seep at the lower part of the window sill, so it is recommended to pre Buried 2 cm in intervals, filled with special sealant or cement.

3, pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment

In order to increase the practicality, many families will put some green plants on the window sill or make it into a tatami form. Special care must be taken for waterproofing and drainage. Otherwise, it will not be good for the family to become wet.

Summary: Well, the above is about the windowsill decoration materials which are introduced, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe that in the future windowsill renovation process, friends will be more handy, to create a beautiful scenic area.

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