External wall waterproof construction precautions External wall waterproof construction steps

In fact, when we are decorating our home, we must not only look inside but also inside. The protection of the external walls is also very medium. The developers living in the community will not give you waterproof effect on the outer wall. Therefore, when we are decorating our home, we must ask the master to do the waterproofing of the exterior wall. This rainy day will not affect our house. That'll tell you about today small external waterproof construction considerations, external waterproof construction steps.


First, the external wall waterproof construction precautions

1. Do not apply below 5 °C and in the rain, and do not work in wet or unventilated environment, which will affect film formation. After the construction, all parts of the project should be carefully inspected, especially the weak links, which should be promptly checked and repaired in time.

2, before using the waterproof paint, check the label, evenly when mixing, remember to cover the lid after use. Store the waterproof paint in accordance with the product's instructions, and store it under the specified temperature and conditions. Too high temperature or too low temperature is not suitable for preserving the exterior wall waterproof paint.

3. When painting the paint, pay attention to the finished product protection of the building, so as to prevent the artificial pollution caused by the cross work. If the wall has been constructed, if it is contaminated again, it can be gently scrubbed with a dry and damp cloth. If it is too serious, repaint it. Pay attention to the weather forecast before construction to avoid construction work when the rain and snow are coming.

4. After the brushed tools are used up, remember to clean them up in time. Special effect transparent waterproofing agent is a kind of imported new waterproof material. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile, non-combustible, convenient to construct, low in dosage, and ready to use.


Second, the external wall waterproof construction steps

1. Clean the base layer. The new and old surface layers must be cleaned up. No debris or dust should be allowed to avoid affecting the bond strength. The base layer should be dry when applying waterproof coating. In the second step, after the completion of the base layer cleaning process, the next step is to clean up the dead corners, which are the so-called yin and yang angles, construction joints, expansion joints and other important parts for treatment. In particular, the drain holes should be strengthened and need to be painted. - 3 times waterproof primer.

2. The coatings for waterproofing membranes, waterproof coatings, base coatings and bonding coils must be separated. In order to improve the adhesion between the waterproofing membrane and the base layer, the primers can be repeatedly painted, evenly coated and completely covered.

3, waterproof coatings must be in accordance with the product instructions for the ratio, according to the ratio of A: B = 2:1, the mixing time is about 3--5, and stirred until the mixed liquid of the two groups of A, B.

4. The water-repellent coating with uniform mixing should be painted according to the area to be painted on the spot. The coating of the base layer should be larger than the area of ​​the sticky coil, not more than thirty. Before brushing the second coat, you must wait for the paint to completely solidify before you can paint again. After the primer is applied, it will be about 4-8.

The above article is a small series to introduce to you the external wall waterproof construction precautions, external wall waterproof construction steps. I believe everyone knows everything after reading it. When waterproofing exterior wall coatings, we must pay attention to the choice of products produced by regular manufacturers, so as to ensure the construction effect of the coatings. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs. Please pay more attention to the decoration home network.

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