How to solve the problem of frustration in the export of plastic products

In recent years, China's exports of plastic products have been frustrated many times, and domestic quality standards have made it difficult to meet international standards. Various countries have strictly controlled imported products and have raised their national standards. Therefore, exporting enterprises should actively deal with the quality and safety of export products, so as not to encounter major losses in violation of international standards. Here, the Xiaobian Plastics Network's Xiaobian recommended export enterprises can start from the following three aspects:

First, we should gradually establish and improve the quality management system, strengthen the quality control of raw materials, adopt upstream control, select qualified suppliers, prevent unqualified raw materials from entering the production process, and ensure that raw materials meet the requirements

The second is to strengthen cooperation with the testing and qualification laboratories, regularly standardize and sample the products, do third-party testing of product parts and issue internationally recognized test reports ;

The third is to promote the improvement and innovation of plastic products technology and technology, strictly control the use of brominated flame retardants, or seek non-brominated alternatives as flame retardant materials.

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