How to choose to buy large tonnage hydraulic jacks?

At present, hydraulic jacks mainly play an important role in the top-down demolition work in equipment installations in electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railways, bridges, shipbuilding and other industries. The current demand for large-tonnage hydraulic jacks is still relatively high. Today we will tell you how we choose and purchase large-tonnage hydraulic jacks. First, because large-tonnage hydraulic jacks require heavy lifting objects, they must be separate jacks. Then when we purchase, we must know that the large-tonnage jack is a one-way effect, the load retracts, the hydraulic cylinder can withstand more than 5% of the rated load pressure and no damage.

Secondly, the lifting capacity of large-tonnage jacks is between 50 tons and 1,000 tons, especially in large-scale engineering species, which requires easy operation and control.

Third, large-tonnage jacks must have built-in pressure relief valves to prevent overloading to protect the jacks for safe operation. The connection of the device adopts the connection of a high-pressure hose and a threaded joint, which is quick to use and overcomes the shortcomings of the oil leakage of the quick traditional joint.

Fourth, the large-tonnage jack optional hydraulic pump station is: SYB-1 one-way hand pump, SYB-2 one-way hand pump, SYB-2S; DZB electric pump station that when special requirements, we should pay attention to the following points :

If you require a smaller journey, please use ultra-thin jacks, such as the top of the large tonnage large travel requirements, please use ultra-high pressure electro-hydraulic jack if more than one jack at the same time lifting, please use synchronous large-tonnage jack for a long time to support the weight Please use self-locking jacks. If you have questions about purchasing products, you can directly consult our technical department.

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