Unmanned recycling of used glass bottles should be included in the recycling of renewable resources

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Every day, the city produces tens of thousands of discarded glass bottles, most of which are discarded at will. At present, there is no department in the city that can recycle them. The recycling of glass bottles has become a forgotten corner of the recycling system.

Waste glass bottles unrecycled

Every day, when sanitation personnel clean up the garbage, they will clean up a pile of empty bottles, large and small. These empty bottles include soy sauce bottles, wine bottles, canned bottles... The glass bottle fragments are often used to injure the sanitation personnel. Especially on the roads outside the restaurants and KTV doors, you can always find a lot of discarded glass bottles. Sometimes glass waste can exceed one-third of the total amount of waste.

A sanitation worker brings the bottles together and prepares them for delivery to the waste collection station. However, all waste collection stations do not accept glass products. A hotel staff member said that in recent years, because there is no place to recycle old glass bottles, these intact bottles are treated as non-recyclable waste.

Should be included in the use of renewable resources

It is understood that liquor, canned food, seasoning, beer, etc. are the main commodities used in China for packaging with glass containers. At present, only beer bottles can be recycled, and other glass bottles become unmanned waste. Every year, the city's discarded glass products exceed 100,000 tons.

The reporter learned from the Harbin Solid Waste Recycling Center that at present, there is no enterprise that uses recycled glass for re-production. The previous life-type glass waste was sent to the foreign glass manufacturers after being purchased. However, due to the low profit, no enterprise is willing to Recycled.

According to environmental experts, glass products can not be degraded after simple landfill, not only increasing the total amount of waste, but also the metal components in some glass can pollute the environment. In fact, waste glass is a renewable resource with high utilization rate and easy recycling. At present, the industry of recycling environmentally friendly building materials is very mature.

Wang Wang, director of the Harbin Renewable Resources Management Office, said that for the current recycling status of discarded glass products, the relevant departments will communicate with some recycling companies with a certain scale, and strive to establish a recycling channel to solve the problem of recycling glass products in our city.

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