Environmental protection remediation spreads the furniture industry Wardrobe companies must take the green road

Home Green Green Closet Wardrobe Companies In recent days, two furniture companies in Dongguan, Guangdong, have been forced to suspend their production because of environmental protection. Indeed, in recent years, as consumers continue to increase the importance of environmental protection concepts, the state’s environmental protection efforts for furniture companies, including wardrobe companies, have continued to increase. In this regard, the wardrobe companies should actively respond to the country's call to go green environmental protection.

Environmental protection is not up to standard furniture companies are forced to shut down, take the green road into a wardrobe necessary for sustainable development of enterprises

After the industrial revolution, the contradiction between man and nature became increasingly fierce. China has always emphasized sustainable development and promoted the concept of green environmental protection. The wardrobe industry is a representative of the traditional manufacturing industry. The extensive production process has always been criticized. The head wears a “three high” hat, and there is also a problem of serious pollution and inefficiency. In the current environment of severe energy saving and emission reduction and unprecedented environmental pressure, China's wardrobe industry must develop a sustainable road to its own survival in order to survive. However, this road is still being explored, which depends on the production process. progress.

The slowdown in the growth rate of China's closet companies and strict environmental protection requirements have also caused great pressure on wardrobe companies. The year of stress must be the year of change. Looking at the history of the wardrobe business, if China's wardrobe industry wants to go further, it must make progress in product aesthetics, product quality, production technology, and professional services.

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