Giorgetti's story

Giorgetti's story
As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy, the rich cultural foundation and the deep-rooted artistic complex endowed the endless artistic vitality. Italian furniture, as the vane of the trend of home design, has also created one classic miracle after another. On the basis of inheriting the essence of tradition, cross-border integration has become an inevitable choice to break through innovation and enhance core competitiveness. The GIORGETTI brand of post-modern solid wood furniture is a classic representative of cross-border.

In the late 1980s, GIORGETTI was in a period of iconic transformation, working with famous architect Massimo Scolari; artist, painter, and engraver Lu Zhirong, etc., to infuse Giorgetti with fresh blood of furniture innovation, integrate more architectural mechanics elements, and enrich modern furniture The sense of design and original transformation of the shape, based on the original good understanding of the woodwork, and the seamless combination of multiple materials, established Giorgetti's unique style in Italy's modern furniture industry, becoming a walk in furniture , Art, architecture, sculpture cross-border "nova".


Some people will wonder why Giorgetti chairs and stools can be distinguished and easy to recognize among all kinds of chair and stool products. Why can Giorgetti be unique and distinguished among the assortment of furniture products?
It is because of Giorgetti 's unique high quality, because its products are manufactured in Italy, because of the unique and original design of its products. Not only that, Giorgetti furniture products mainly use solid wood materials, natural materials are usually the inner core of the product. The company selects this high-quality material, and is keen to use this high-quality material, and this is the basis for the excellent quality of each furniture product, and it is also the basis for the reliability and durability of furniture products.
The physical properties of wood, natural textures and rich colors all prove the purity of the materials, and make the finished furniture products unique and transcendent.

Since the brand was founded in 1898, its long history and tradition spans more than 100 years, and is characterized by the rich experience of furniture manufacturing. Today, when you walk into the factory in Meda, you can still smell the unique smell of the old furniture trial workshop, where almost all the original furniture products are made of carefully crafted wood, even if the product contains Some of them are produced by modern machines in assembly lines, but most of them are assembled by hand.


In the old carpentry workshop in the Italian state of Lombar, maple, cherry, ebony, beech, Pau ferro busted lacquered wood and walnut wood, all kinds of rare wood are available, and the wood around the plant is unique and fresh taste.
Among these natural materials, GIORGETTI will use a 100% discerning professional vision to select only the highest quality parts of each element to ensure the supreme status of furniture. Even in the painting process in the production workshop, workers do not need to wear masks, and the environmental protection of their products is evident.
In the late 1980s, GIORGETTI was in an iconic transition period. Some talented architects with sufficient quality concepts in the revival of furniture design were introduced and began to focus on the re-creation of those who have accumulated nearly a century of solid wood furniture processing experience. Since then, GIORGETTI has become a cross-border "nova" in furniture, art, architecture, and sculpture because of its unconventional "conventional wooden structure" subverting traditional design.

Giorgetti's style cannot be simply classified as "classical" or "modern", it is simple and simple, linear, first-class, original, and most importantly-constantly evolving. From aesthetic theory and function, to unique material selection and attention to detail, it adapts to different environments and can be used in various occasions, making the "living environment" more comfortable, all-encompassing and intimate. Giorgetti has always interpreted exquisiteness, uniqueness and innovation, and is therefore sought after by people with extreme tastes all over the world.


Giorgetti's 120-year design complex was in 1898 when furniture had not yet formed an industry. How did Giorgetti's founder Luigi Giorgetti promote the birth of the industry and quickly promote Giorgetti to an international enterprise? After talking with the current president Giovanni del Vecchio at the Giorgetti headquarters, we finally discovered the wisdom of this century-old company.
In the 120-year history of the brand, the most beneficial stone for Giorgetti comes from the cooperation with architects in different regions. In the words of del Vecchio, it is "letting different people view Giorgetti from different angles." .

Not far from the Giorgetti Milan exhibition hall, the back made of butterfly-like interweaves arouses our admiration for Giorgetti's curved wood craft. The classic Move single sofa is an outstanding representative of the use of curved wood elements and one of the best-selling products.


Like the architect's profound and diverse perspective, Giorgett i does not treat furniture as part of interior design, but designs products with an architectural vision. Among them, what impressed him most was the joining of Massimo Scolari, Leon Krier and Chinese architect Lu Zhirong in the late 1980s, which played a vital role in the company's development.

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