The temptation from the exclusive custom furniture is not so good "tamed"

With the increasing pursuit of personalization and uniqueness, custom furniture is also very popular. Custom furniture can not only create personalized high-value, but also solve the problem of space utilization of the apartment type. Many users want to taste the “tailor-made” high-end sense, but customization is designed as they like. Why do users have a lot of problems after customizing a certain piece of furniture? There are too many details in the furniture customization process that require our attention. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you in detail the misunderstanding of custom furniture.

First, custom furniture FAQ

1, sale and change back

Custom furniture is very prone to quality and after-sales service problems, and the unspoken industry's unspoken rules also make it difficult to return products.

2. Hide more traps

The hidden traps, such as solid wood, wooden boards, verbal commitments, shoddy, and unknown material usage algorithms, are also very troublesome for users.

3, the price difference

The price of custom furniture of the same brand is often much higher than that of ready-made non-customized furniture of the same material, and there is no reasonable pricing standard.

Second, custom furniture misunderstanding

1. Misunderstandings: Customization doesn't mean what you want

Many users heard a few words of custom furniture, and they thought that this is a product that can be built according to their own meaning, especially in line with their own personal taste. However, in fact, customized furniture does not mean to do whatever they like.

Can all furniture be customizable? No, custom products are mainly aimed at users who have difficulties in space utilization, need for more storage requirements, and different sizes and standard fixed sizes.

Custom furniture = design with me? At present, customization refers to the user's choice of materials, dimensions, colors, lines, decorative hardware, adjustment lines, and planning space.

Whole furniture = custom furniture? No, the overall furniture contains both customized and finished furniture; the overall furniture provides the overall solution, and the customized furniture service is provided after the design is completed.

2. Mistakes in planning: not all spaces are suitable for custom furniture

Before customizing furniture, we have to think clearly. What time must we determine the design of custom furniture will not delay the overall renovation process, which space is more suitable for custom furniture, what kind of furniture products we want to customize, and so on.

Custom furniture before the decision to determine the custom? Some users in order to speed up the process, often after the completion of hard-installed custom products, it is recommended that users complete most / basic decoration and then decide on the choice of custom furniture, because the overall effect of the decoration out of the furniture The style is also very important.

The available space is custom-made full of cabinets. Cabinet products are the mainstream of custom furniture. Some items like storage control people wait for the corners of the home to customize some small furniture to fill it - this may lead to home room congestion.

The color of the furniture is the same. When the whole house is made with a large amount of custom furniture, some people like to unify the color style. However, the whole house with the same furniture is very! Fear! Fright! The planned furniture will make the space lose its sense of hierarchy and even make people feel Depression.

3, lack of communication: full communication is the key to the quality of finished products

The personal needs of the users and the designer’s design attempt will actually have some information asymmetry. Only when the user understands something in the communication process needs something clear with the designer, can it be possible to customize the product with high value and practical value. .

There is no need for communication to communicate with designers. It is not only necessary to identify their own aesthetics and space requirements, but also to exchange their own and their family's habits, such as the habit of movement will determine how to partition the cabinet door, the elderly use furniture to reduce bent down bowed The height of cabinets for taller people is higher than the basic standard.

Pursuit of personality ignorance of rationality Because of professional limitations, when users customize furniture, it is inevitable that blind pursuit of personality is good-looking and ignorance of rationality. When communicating, reference should be made to the opinions of designers. All materials increase and decrease should be scientific.

Directly requesting the design of the exhibition hall Many users have proposed customized parameters through the exhibition hall or 3D display. However, the display and the actual results are very different. There are no restrictions on the layout, spacing, and height of the house, which results in a gap in the effect.

4, negotiating carelessness: the last manufacturer negotiations can not be

Many people think that the submission of personal design needs is over. There are still many problems with this follow-up, especially with various kinds of contracts and prices of the manufacturers, and they are inattentive to each other. They do not know that they have suffered major losses in the final product. .

No matter what you do to the manufacturers, this is the practice of many lazy people and it is also the cause of many sad reminders. Users of custom furniture should have such a sense of respect for the professionalism of the manufacturer, and also pay attention to the issue of supervision and construction and docking, and follow up the communication so as to make adjustments at any time.

The custom contract did not look at the terms carefully! The terms must be detailed, especially the rights and obligations of the parties, payment methods, installation procedures, delivery time, warranty and after-sales service, etc., as well as data related to material thickness, materials used, and installation methods.

There are no strict requirements on the type of work! Custom furniture also involves hard-installed areas, such as walls, floors, doors, baseboards, etc., all of which are strictly required for construction in order to avoid damaging the original basic decoration or even housing. Safety.

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