Furniture Feng Shui has to pay attention to avoid four ways to prevent wealth

1. The windowsill is a bed, which is in danger

Due to the living environment, many residences use window sills as beds. This way you can make the best use of it and increase the width of the bed. Although these methods can make full use of the window sill area, if you are not careful when you sleep, you will break the glass or cause tragedies. Especially children ’s beds should not be too close to the window sill, because they are curious and often attracted by things outside the window and looking out or climbing out of the window frame will cause dangerous accidents. Therefore, the children's bed position is best placed near the corner. At the same time, the windows in the house should not be too much or too low, as long as there is no problem with indoor air circulation. Because the bed is too close to the window, if the window is too close to the street, it is like sleeping on the street when sleeping. Encounter thunder and lightning or light exposure can cause sleep deprivation and psychological fear. In fact, Feng Shui is also psychology and environmental science. As long as the environment is properly improved to cater to the path of Feng Shui, it is not a superstition.

2. The bed head is empty and lacks safety

The bed is used as a place to rest. If the bed is left empty, it lacks a sense of security and will feel uncomfortable. The so-called "leave" means that there is no back or backing. When we are asleep or doing dill, our body will move around unconsciously, and our head may come out of bed and get injured.

3. The ornaments are fierce and affect your temper

Most people are used to buying local specialties or handicrafts as memories when traveling. For example: ceramic utensils, wood carving products, giant folding fans, sheepskin horns and even wooden knives and wooden forks and other decorative items. They will display those decorative items in the living room or indoor.

In terms of atmosphere creation, placing ornaments that contain hostility, such as Japanese sabers, fierce eagles and tigers, ghost masks, etc., will make people grumpy and easy to be impulsive.

On the contrary, hanging auspicious ornaments will add joy and bring wealth. Therefore, home furnishing is unprecedented and unconventional.

Furthermore, the shape of the ornament is also important. What the Chinese say is that if the peony flowers do not bloom and the horses are down, how come the flowers bloom and become prosperous, and how successful is it?

From the perspective of Feng Shui, placing different decorative items has its role, but it depends on the location. So, what kind of ornaments should be placed in the home to make it suitable for Feng Shui? This is not stipulated. In principle, it is not a strange shape, let alone excessive piles, otherwise, it will become (Feng Shui props field).

Generally speaking, auspicious ornaments or pictures such as three stars of Fu Lu Shou, nine fishes (such as), peony flowers, and peacock screens are suitable for every family. Its lifelike shape can not only bring auspiciousness to the residence, but also embellish the beauty of the home.

If you look at the killing portraits or sad words hanging on the wall every day, there will be fantasy and touch injury. Attention should also be paid to posters and murals posted in front of children ’s beds.

4. Stove location and shadow

Many people only pay attention to the layout of the living room and sleeping room in the feng shui of the house, and ignore the importance of the kitchen. The so-called: (door, main, stove) is the entrance, master room and stove location. The kitchen is a place where water and fire are often used. "The Book of Changes" has the so-called water and fire, which means that water and fire are necessary for food and drink. With the conditioning of fire and water, yin and yang can be reconciled. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a (economic) situation in order to have a smooth family luck and a peaceful population.

According to the theory of Wuxing Shengke, the east belongs to wood and the south belongs to fire, so the stove should be oriented towards the south.

In fact, the stove is very suitable for the orientation of the five elements. Because the fuel used to cook rice in the ancient times was nothing more than wild grass and firewood branches. When cooking rice, the stove mouth was facing east, which was convenient for the wind direction and easy to fire.

The kitchen stove can only reach the principle of Feng Shui. If it is located in Jifang, the population in the family is healthy and the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious. On the contrary, the marriage is very happy, often quarreling or frail.

Secondly, the furnishings in the kitchen, such as the stove position, the sink, the dish frame, etc., must be placed in the correct position. The stove is most forbidden to be squirted by the water head, and it is easy to contract dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases. If the sink and stove are in line, it will be intolerable and will affect the relationship and health of the couple. If the stove is placed in a curved shape (L-shaped) with the water head, it can avoid the fire and water, and it is also in accordance with the feng shui approach.

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