The media released self-rescue methods for train passengers in accidents

Coping method after being accidentally overthrown

After the Wenzhou motor vehicle rear-end collision occurred, everyone was concerned about the injured, but also worried about how to escape and save themselves if they encountered such a thing. How to use emergency equipment in the car?

Train escape self-help principle

There are usually no signs before the train crashes, but passengers will feel the sudden braking, first of all, you should use these few seconds to change to a safer sitting position:

1. Stay away from the door and even get down. Hold firm objects to prevent being thrown out of the carriage;

2. Lower your head and chin against your chest to prevent neck injury;

3. If the seat is not close to the door and window, it can be kept still. If it is close to the door and window, it should leave as soon as possible;

4. When the train derails and rushes forward, do not try to jump;

5. After the train stops, observe the surrounding environment, do not wander around the train and wait for the arrival of rescuers;

6. When the train encounters a power outage, passengers must not leave the car to enter the tunnel. Even after all power outages, emergency ventilation can be maintained on the train for 45 minutes to 1 hour;

7. In the event of a sudden train collision, you can learn from the practice in aviation. The upper body leans forward as far as possible, the chest is close to the knee, the head rests on the back of the front seat, the hands are placed on the head, the palms overlap, and the forearm is on the cheek , Such a posture can make yourself as much as possible to reduce injuries during a collision.

Escape from the aisle

The passenger train has a pedestrian passageway with a length of about 20 meters and a width of about 80 centimeters in each car. Both ends of the car have manual doors or automatic doors leading to the adjacent cars. If the train accident causes a fire, these passages are trapped The main escape route used by personnel. Trapped persons should use the passages at both ends of the carriage as soon as possible to escape from the fire scene in an orderly manner.

When you escape, if you encounter a crowd, choose to reach the edge of the crowd. If you are accidentally pushed down, you should cross your fingers and protect the back of your head and neck. Keep your elbows forward and protect your temples. When you accidentally fall to the ground, bend your knees as far forward as possible, protect the important organs in the chest and abdominal cavity, and lie on the ground on the side (see figure). In a crowded crowd, the left hand is holding a fist, the right hand is holding the left hand wrist, and the elbows are stretched out to lay flat on the chest to form a certain space to ensure breathing.

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