The eight highlights of the Shanghai Family Expo opening on September 2

Shanghai Home Expo-China Home Furnishing Building Materials Decoration Procurement First Exhibition

    At 9:00 on September 2 the whole, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, the Fourth Shanghai Home Expo grand opening. 1500 booths, 30,000 square meters of exhibition area, three halls linked, full hall exhibition, creating decoration and procurement flagship ceremony. The Shanghai Decoration Industry Association will escort the whole process, and the unprecedented preferential combination of the organizing committee + manufacturer combination will once again detonate Shencheng home furnishing procurement frenzy. Eight highlights, wonderful dedication!

Figure 1 : Shanghai Home Expo

Home Expo Highlight One: Brand Gathering   The most discount

Home Expo brand companies: Xingjie Design Decoration, Jutong Decoration, Rongxin Decoration, Bologni Overall Decoration, Jiuding Decoration, People Decoration, Tongji Classic Decoration, Tongji Home Decoration, Commander Decoration, Shenyuan Space Design, Wave Decoration, Kohler Sanitary Ware, TOTO Sanitary Ware, Hecheng Sanitary Ware, Jinsari Sanitary Ware, Orousa Sanitary Ware, Oralka Sanitary Ware, Champion Tiles, Nobel Tiles, Boss Appliances, Fangtai Kitchen Appliances, Boloni Cabinets, Oupai Cabinets, Zhibang Kitchen Efficient, Piano Cabinet, Green Frog Paint, Openg Escalator, Huawei Staircase, Afternoon Tea, Lihao Sofa, Left and Right Sofa, I Love My Home, Colorful Life, Shangpin Home Furnishing, Qumei, Mumoto, Beautiful Home, Nordic E Home , Lazy Grandpa, Baiheli Family, Fowold, High Heights, Good Night Mattress, Sofia Wardrobe, Hollywood Wardrobe, Youke Home Furnishings, Red Dot Sofa, Shengxiang Floor, Shiyou Floor, Jiusheng Floor, Jun Brand Floor, Del Floor, Rhine Sunshine, Beautiful Island Floor, Shuxiangmen Floor, Panpan Security Door, Living Home Floor, Huili Floor, Hongchen Wood, Zhengge Floor, Tiange Floor, Tian Floor, Comfort floor, TATA doors, Telford suite doors, Hua Wei doors, Meritor doors and windows, phoenix aluminum doors and windows, Love Iraq racks ...... (in alphabetical order)

Figure 2 : Home Expo Special

Home Expo exhibitors 100 percent prepared a special special offers feedback Home Expo Home Expo visitors, a total of more than 20 million ex-gratia, send your decoration, first-served basis. At the Expo site, a single consumption of 1,000 yuan, the organizing committee will return 120 yuan in cash, plus a coupon for material consumption; more bookings, more returns and more delivery, millions of cash are waiting for you!

Highlights of the Home Expo II: Super Complete Category   One stop meet

Leading the production and consumption, and facing the terminal, the Shanghai Home Expo innovatively integrates the entire decoration procurement chain of home decoration design, home decoration construction, home decoration materials, and household items, from design, material procurement, construction, supervision, and later decoration ... One-stop service can be completed in one place at the site of the home fair in three days, which greatly meets all the needs of residents in Shencheng and realizes one-stop consultation and procurement for decoration.

Figure 3 : Shopping guide map of the Home Expo

Home Expo Highlight Three: Wonderful Activities   Easy procurement

Home Expo Live Event 1: Shanghai Home Expo? SouFun   Home Summit Forum    Listen to experts, scholars, and industry leaders explaining the latest information on home decoration, keeping up with the trend of the times.

Home Expo Live Activity 2: Shanghai Home Expo? Home Review Network   Home Model Contest    Furniture and beautiful dating, youth and fashion dance; furniture purchase is not just consumption, to stop and enjoy, show your talents and make you popular

Home Expo Live Event 3: Shanghai Home Expo? Chinese Netizens   Crazy Spike Auction   " 1 " yuan furniture is not impossible, to choose the right place, the right place is-Shanghai Home Expo, make you crazy

Home Expo Live Event 4: Shanghai Home Expo? Hejia   Happy Chongguan   Bravely show yourself, believe in yourself, and know yourself again, there will be unexpected gifts!

On-site activity 5 of the home expo: knowledge lecture on decoration information and decoration supervision network    Listen to other people's decoration experience, pay less tuition, arm yourself in advance!

Home Expo Live Activity 6: Green Decoration Series Lectures-People Decoration

                       Topic: How to realize low-carbon energy-saving home life

                       Speaker: Wang Susheng

Green Decoration Series Lectures-Jutong Decoration Speaker

                       Topic: Choice of Healthy Decoration

                       Speaker: Zhou Zhengbing

Green Decoration Series Lecture-Tongji Classic Lecture

                       Topic: Design Integrates into Life- 2011 Popular Style

                       Speaker: Zhu Minyu

Green Decoration Series Lectures-Commander of Decoration

                       Topic: Concealed Engineering and Green Decoration

                       Speaker: Cai Yongsheng

Figure 4 : On-site activities of the Home Expo

Highlight 4 of the Home Expo   Happy consumption

With a single consumption of over 1,000 yuan, you can participate in the draw, 100% with prizes. 3 first prizes, prizes worth 5,000 yuan; 6 second prizes, prizes worth 2,000 yuan; 150 third prizes, prizes worth 500 yuan; several commemorative prizes, prizes worth 50 yuan. Sofa, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven ... waiting for you to move home!

Figure 5 : Prizes of the Home Expo

Highlights of the home expo 5: strong alliance   Right on door

The Shanghai Home Expo is sponsored by the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, co-hosted by Shanghai Huamo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Taizhou Municipal Committee. The exhibition was won by the Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Committee, Shanghai Pudong Trade Promotion Council, Shanghai Taizhou Chamber of Commerce , Guangzhou CCPIT, Suzhou CCPIT, Wuxi CCPIT, Nantong CCPIT, Wenzhou CCPIT, Jiaxing CCPIT, Jinhua CCPIT and other units, more than 30 top -level home improvement design companies in Shanghai, more than a thousand first-line furniture building materials Significant participation of leading companies such as brands, to create a high-end, quality procurement platform that directly faces the end consumer.

Highlights of the Home Expo 6: The Choice of Everyone   Absolutely reliable

    "First Shanghai Home Expo" was successfully held in December 2009, 500 booths, an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, more than 200 exhibiting companies, 1.5 million people visited the purchase, closing more than 9,000 yuan.

The "Second Shanghai Home Expo" was successfully held at the Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from July 17th to 19th , 2010. It set off a furnishing purchase spree, with 1,000 booths, 20,000 square meters of exhibition area, and dozens of top-tier home improvement companies Joining hands with hundreds of first-line brands of building materials and home furnishing, the whole show was on display, 28,000 people visited and purchased, and the turnover was 135 million yuan. Casting a "vane" that leads Shencheng's decoration procurement and home consumption.

"The 3rd Shanghai Home Expo" was successfully held at the Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from March 11th to 13th , 2011. It has 1,500 booths, 30,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 30 top -grade home improvement design companies, and more than 1,000 first-line home furnishing The brand debuted with more than 48,000 visits and purchases, with a turnover of 230 million yuan, creating a miracle of home improvement purchases in Shencheng.

Since the establishment of the Shanghai Home Expo, a total of more than 91,000 Shencheng citizens have chosen the "Shanghai Home Expo", and paid 455 million yuan to buy the products of the Shanghai Home Expo. At the 4th Shanghai Home Expo, 60,000 people are expected to come to purchase, and the on-site turnover will exceed 350 million yuan. The Shanghai Home Expo platform is absolutely reliable!

Highlight 7 of the Home Expo: Quality Assurance   trustworthy

    In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, all exhibitors of Home Expo will voluntarily sign the "Product Quality Commitment Letter" before signing the contract, so that consumers at the home fair will have no worries.

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the organizing committee of the home expo specially set up a service liaison group to cooperate with the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association to protect the legal rights and interests of consumers of the home expo.

Highlight 8 of the home expo: the scene is hot   Should not be missed

Figure 6 : Previous Home Expo 1

Figure 7 : Scene of previous home expo 2

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