Autumn fruit tree pest control measures

First, trap and kill insects. Using the selectivity of pests to the wintering place, after the autumn, tie the grass or the sacks on the big branches of the fruit trees, trap the pests and lick the winter, and then concentrate on killing. Especially when the winter insect population density is large, the trapping effect is more obvious.


Second, remove the fallen leaves. In autumn and winter, combined with pruning, the diseased shoots and insect tips are removed, and the weeds and litter in the vicinity of the orchard and its surrounding areas are cleaned and concentrated, and a large number of wintering pests can be eliminated.


Third, ploughing the garden. Farming and ploughing is an important measure to improve soil and promote fruit tree yield, and it is also an effective method to eliminate wintering pests and diseases. Through ploughing, the deep pests and germs of the soil can be frozen to the surface, frozen or killed, or foraging by natural enemies, so that the deep-buried pests can not be feathered and suffocated, thereby reducing the wintering base.


Fourth, chemical control. If the tree trunk is found to be damaged, the worm can be removed and inserted into the poisonous sign. The orifice is closed with slime. It can also be sprayed with a tree general to destroy the germs to feed the source, sterilize the virus, and block the virus replication and transmission path.





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