What are the reasons for the displacement of the ball mill screw?

In the production of ball mills, the connecting bolts of the spiral cylinder and the hollow shaft frequently break, and the spiral cylinder runs out of displacement. What is the reason for these situations? Predicting its cause and seeing Yixin ball mill decomposition:

The ball mill is an auxiliary equipment of the boiler of the thermoelectric plant. The spiral cylinder is installed in the hollow shaft of the ball mill feeding and discharging end. The material of the spiral cylinder is QT60-2, the spiral propeller is cast in the spiral cylinder, and the spiral is left-handed or right-handed according to the grinding body. The direction of rotation is determined by the fact that the material is advanced by spiraling into the body or out of the body. Before the spiral cylinder is installed in the hollow shaft, a multi-layer asbestos cloth is wound on the outer wall, and the thickness is 30-40 mm to reduce heat transfer to the bearing lining. The outer surface of the spiral barrel of the ball mill is matched with the inner diameter of the hollow shaft, and the minimum clearance is designed. 5ram, the maximum gap is 1.12ram. After the ball mill is installed in position, the screw flange is connected with the hollow shaft by bolts, so that the spiral cylinder and the hollow shaft have no relative movement. The outer surface of the spiral barrel of the ball mill is matched with the inner shaft å­‘L of the hollow shaft. When the grinding body rotates, the spiral cylinder performs an elliptical trajectory movement in the inner hole of the hollow shaft. In addition, the axial reaction force generated during the conveying process of the ball mill spiral barrel and the vibration generated by the hammering of the steel ball cause the connecting bolt to loosen to form a sliding wire phenomenon, which causes the ball mill spiral cylinder to run H shift.

Knowing why it depends on the fruit, and see Yixin ball mill for your next decomposition: How to prevent the ball mill from shifting?

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