How to distinguish between submersible pumps and sewage pumps

Sewage pump and submersible pump difference is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: 1, the use of two pumps Different submersible pumps for some special process requirements, such as leakage, special fluid medium, the more expensive. Sewage pumps are generally used for regulation, but also the amount of switch, such as: fan coil end. 2, two kinds of pump switch in different submersible pump driven by the coil, only on or off, the switch action time is short. Sewage pump drive is generally used motor, open or close action to complete the need for a certain amount of time analog, you can do to adjust. 3, the nature of the work of two pumps Different submersible pumps generally circulation coefficient is small, and the working pressure difference is small. For example, the general 25-caliber submersible pump circulation coefficient is smaller than the 15-caliber electric ball valve. Submersible pump drive through the electromagnetic coil, relatively easily damaged by voltage shock. Equivalent to the role of the switch is to open and close the two roles. Sewage pumps drive motor is generally more resistant to voltage shocks. Submersible pumps are fast open and fast off, generally used in small flow and small pressure, requiring a large switching frequency sewage pump on the contrary. Sewage pump valve opening can be controlled, the state has on, off, half-open semi-off, you can control the flow of media in the pipeline while the submersible pump can not reach this requirement. Submersible pump power can be reset, the sewage pump to such a function need to add reset device.

1 specification: width 15-5500mm,  temperature:-40C-1050C, edage:seal edge, welde. etc.
2 widely used for bakery equipment,washing,tunnel oven, heat treatment furnace 
good abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosion and high temperture resistance. etc.
under negative and high temperature, has nice antishrinkage, break resistance, etc.
processional design, compact in structure. various specification easy snstallation .
3 conveyor formats
netting, bone patter, chain, metal netting, caterpillar,metal conveyor. link mesh, chain 

link mesh high temperature resistance metal nettingbiscuit Conveyor Belt, etc.
4 function:widely used for washing , drying , freezering food spiral , and heat treatment furnace

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