The instrument will launch a new digital platform polarimeter for four years.

At present, the control system of the polarimeter mainly has two types of analog control platform and digital control platform. Compared with the analog control platform, the digital platform-controlled polarimeter adopts optical coding computer control technology, and the performance of the instrument is not only increased by an order of magnitude, but also the life of the instrument is extended and the noise is reduced. In particular, it permanently eliminates the "concussion" of the congenital "disease" brought about by this simulation platform.

However, in the domestic market, the digital platform polarimeter is only the world of imported instruments for a long time, and the domestic polarimeter adopts the analog control system. By 2013, Shanghai Yimai launched the IP-DIGI 600 polarimeter to break the deadlock. From then on, the domestic digital platform polarimeter was on the stage of history. A year later, after a series of cost control research and development, Yimai launched a low-cost IP-DIGI 300 digital polarimeter, which gives users in China the use of analog polarimeter the opportunity to fully enjoy the digital platform rotation at a lower price. Excellent performance of the instrument.

It is understood that in order to develop this low-cost IP-DIGI 300 digital polarimeter, Shanghai Yimai has lasted for four years and cost tens of millions. This is not easy for a newly established company. What is the reason for Shanghai Instruments? What is the motivation for developing such an instrument? In the past four years, what are the motivations for them to continue to do? What are the gains and challenges they have in the process? What kind of planning does Shanghai Yimai have for the future development? A few days ago, the instrument information network editor specially interviewed Xia Shiqing, general manager of Shanghai Yimai, and asked her to solve these questions for us.

“Being the digital platform polarimeter in China is an important goal at the beginning of our business.”

“Being a digital polarimeter in China is an important goal at the beginning of our business. We understand that in the Chinese market, the price of imported polarimeter is 5-10 times that of domestic polarimeter. The fundamental reason is that imported instruments are digital. The control platform, the instrument has high precision, high transmittance, long service life, no noise, and computer control overcomes the oscillation problem of the analog polarimeter. At the time, there was no domestic digital platform polarimeter on the market, so we It is hoped that the development of this technology will enable Chinese users to enjoy a more cost-effective digital polarimeter." Xi Shi, general manager of Yimai said.

After establishing the research and development goals, Yimai has found relevant technical partners and established a research and development team of 10 people. After three years of hard work, in 2013, Yimai introduced an IP-DIGI 600 digital polarimeter with the same level of performance as imported instruments. It uses an advanced digital control platform and is equipped with high-quality components such as Glan Thompson prisms, but The cost of the instrument is also relatively high, and its target customer base is the customer currently using imported instruments.

Considering that many users have limited budgets and do not need such high analytical performance, it takes another year to implement a cost-reduction design based on the IP-DIGI 600. Xia Shiqing said: "IP-DIGI 600 can achieve three-digit accuracy. In IP-DIGI 300, it has also achieved 0.01 accuracy. It is the first-class instrument of the China Metrology Bureau. Its target customers are China, India and Southeast Asia. Users of analog polarimeters. Just like analog TVs need to convert to digital TV, customers who own or budget to buy domestic analog polarimeters can now consider buying IP-DIGI 300 polarimeters for digital platforms at similar prices."

“I think the Chinese instrument industry must have a 'wonderful' to let others know what positive energy is.”

However, the difficulties in reality tend to be much imagined. In the four years of research and development, Yimai has encountered various problems. Xia Shiqing said: "We can persist and sometimes rely on a 'stupid' Nowadays, many people like to do things fast, some small businesses like to copy other people's products. And we just want to have new things for users, so we bury ourselves in research and development and start from scratch. In this process, it is confidence. More important than gold, when encountering difficulties, someone must stand up and stick to it, otherwise everyone will follow suit and the team will soon dissipate."

At the same time of product innovation, Xia Shiqing also has very high requirements for product quality. She said: "I have experience in overseas life and have worked in foreign companies for many years. Especially in Europe, their concept of excellence has had a great impact on me. I have visited many European instrument manufacturers, they have to invest in R&D. Very high, it is the world's first. So I also hope that we can make real good things, and it can be a little exciting. It may be a bit silly to others, but I just want to do this. Wonderful, I think the Chinese instrument industry must have a 'wonderful' to let others know what positive energy is."

Xia Shiqing said: "Our sales often criticize me for being a bit fragrant and not afraid of the alley, but for me, the first two years I think we are still not doing well enough, the wine is not enough. But now, IP-DIGI With the advent of 300, I feel that our product and technology accumulation is very mature, and I hope that the promotion will let more users know about our products."

"For four years, the core team of Yimai has grown up, which is an unexpected achievement for me."

What makes Xia Shiqing feel gratified is that after four years, Yimai’s core team has grown up, which is also an unexpected gain for her. “I initially felt that I was a lonely man, but now everyone can understand my thoughts and ideas, and work hard with me to build better products and services for users. At the same time, we can also say that we have also trained a group of successors for China's polarimeter technology. Said Xia Shiqing.

For talents, Yimai is also very cherished and valued. Xia Shiqing said: "In order to better cultivate and retain talents, we try our best to create a humanized working environment and create an open and fair platform for employees. From employees to management personnel, it is a matter of fact, everyone speaks with strength. It’s not a relationship. Young people here have a lot of room to grow as long as they are willing to pay. We are also willing to work hard to help them, so that they have other gains besides salary.”

"We can't treat employees in terms of treatment. In addition, we also give employees shares. Through equity incentives, we hope that employees can have a sense of belonging here. I also hope that everyone can be very happy to work here. What is gratifying is that we can still Recruit a group of good talents. In the future, we must continue to refine the system, regardless of rewards or punishments, we must be convinced orally." Xia Shiqing said.

"I feel that I still have to be a man first and then to do things. I am still very confident about the future of Yimai."

In the current development of Shanghai Yimai, there are two problems that make Xia Shiqing very headache. "One is the user's trust in domestic instruments. Many users think that domestically produced instruments are shoddy, not as imported, and this concept is difficult to change, which will damage the confidence of our sales. In fact, both domestic and imported instruments may appear. The problem, but everyone is always more tolerant about the problem of imported instruments, and the problem of the domestic equipment is considered to be unqualified product quality. We have to have confidence in our products, we can not chaos ourselves, so it is easy to be looked down upon by others. Another problem is that without the protection of intellectual property rights, things that have been painstakingly researched for a long time are easily taken over by others." Xia Shiqing said.

For the company's next development, Xia Shiqing said: "Our current achievements can be said to be only the first step in the long march. Next, we will segment the market according to user needs, and launch a special optical and pharmaceutical-specific polarimeter for sugar industry. In terms of products, we want to do a good job of turning on the technology of polarimeter and refractometer. If we want to mention these two types of instruments in the future, the user's first choice is Yimai. We will make this field transparent, and then we will attack other The product. Although we are developing slowly now, I feel that I am still a man first, and then I am still very confident about the future of Yimai."

Composite Geomembrane

Product description>>>

Composite geomembrane is an anti-seepage material, which is compounded with geotextile and compound Geomembrane for building construction. It remains the mechanical properties of base fabric and uniformity of film which improve the impermeability. Embossed processing on the film strengthen its friction coefficient, stability and easy for installation. It is mainly used for permeation proof drainage and reinforcement. Composite geomembrane has high tearing resistance, breakage resistance, bursting and other physical and mechanical performance.


 Properties and advantages:

Since high molecule material and anti-aging agent are added in its production technology, it can be used in abnormal temperature environment.

Flexibility is good, except of a geotextile`s isolation, drainage, reinforcement, protective functions, it also impermeable.

Production: After far infrared ray heating oven in film one side or both sides, and geotextile and geomembrane pressure together by roller form to composite geomembrane .

Function: Impermeable, reinforcement, protection .


Widely used in traffic tunnel, airport, drainage, housing, road construction, river levee, lake dam, sewage dam, waste water dam, channel, liquid storage pool, metro, basement, tunnel, foundation, waste storage, marifarm, seawater farms, freshwater fish farm, fishpond, mine, high way, expressway, motorway, railway, roofing, canal, anti-pollution of waste plant,

environmental protection and many other fields for waterproof protection, reinforcement etc.


Unit weight g/m2











Thickness of Membrane mm




Breaking Strength  KN/m








MD and CD

Elongation at Break %                         30~100

CBR Mullen Burst Strength KN≥









Tear Strength KN≥








MD and CD

Peel Strength N/cm


Vertical Permeability Coefficient cm/s





One piece of geotextile and one piece of membrane;Weight of base geotextile: 100-1000g/m2;

Thickness of geomembrane: 0.1-1.5mm.

2. Two piece of Geotextiles and one piece of membrane;Weight of base geotextile: 80-600g/m2

Thickness of geomembrane: 0.2-1.5mm.

3. One piece of geotextile and two pieces of membranes;Weight of base geotextile: 100-1000g/m2;

Thickness of geomembrane: 0.1-0.8mm.

4. Multi-layers:Weight of base geotextile: 100-1000g/m2;Thickness of geomembrane: 0.1-0.8mm.

Those size can all be customized.


Size of package: 2-6m width, length 50-100m(or at request)

Package: Packed in woven geotextile with strength belt.


Packaging Details: :rolls or packed at customer`s request 

(1)1x20ft(5.89m(L) x2.35m(W) x2.39m(H)) : around 18T 

(2)1x40ft (12.03m(L) x2.35m(W) x2.39m(H)) : around 22T 

(3)1x40hc (12.03m(L) x2.35m(W) x2.69m(H)) :around 26T


Delivery: 3-20days after deposit



1) Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, sure, we provide free samples for your testing.

2) Q: How long is your delivery time:

A: Goods in stock: within 3 days, Goods out of stock(7 days), Goods need to be customized(10-15 days).

3) Q: How to transport the goods:

A: By shipping, air-flight, express.

4)Do you provide sample? Is it free or extra?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge and you only pay for freight. If you place an order we can return the freight fee to you.

5)What is your terms of payment?

 A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us as below:


Composite Geomembrane

Composite Geomembrane And Geotextile,Thin Film Composite Geotextile Membrane,Three Cloth A Geomembrane For Landfill,Compound Geomembrane Floating Cover