The bus is on fire, and the fire prevention in the meditation begins with the selection of furniture.

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On July 15th, the bus stop of Guangzhou South Pier and Station 301 suddenly exploded and the accident caused 2 deaths and 32 injuries. Although the bus fire incident was already smashed by the police in the first time, the incident of bus fire still left everyone with a lingering fear. If there is a possibility of a fire on the bus, the fire seems to be close to us in a home filled with flammable materials such as wooden floors, lighting appliances, and gas stoves. At home, the fire prevention is imperative. Hereby, Jiuzheng Building Materials Network has collected relevant knowledge of fire prevention for netizens to refer to, hoping to help everyone prevent fires and be happy.

Buy three high-quality fire doors

Fire doors are particularly important as the first function of home fire prevention. However, nowadays, inferior fire doors and bad streets, how to choose high-quality fire doors, to protect the lives and property of the whole family at the time of the fire has become a top priority. Here, Jiuzheng Building Materials Network   For you to organize the purchase of high-quality fire doors three major moves.

According to the regulations, steel and wooden fire doors can be divided into Class A, Class B and Class C according to fire endurance. The fire endurance requirements are 72 minutes, 54 minutes and 36 minutes respectively, and the wood used for making wooden fire doors needs to be carried out. Dry and flame retardant treatment, the hardware accessories used must also be fireproof hardware accessories.

There are three major measures for purchasing high-quality fire doors. The first measure is to check the appearance. The high-quality steel fire doors are welded firmly, the welding points are evenly distributed; the outer surface is smooth and smooth; the qualified wooden fire doors should be intact, without damage, and the surface is clean. There are no burrs, burrs and hammer marks; the cutting angles and seams should be strictly flat; there should be product marks, quality inspection marks and quality certification (approval) qualified marks at the specified positions.

The second measure is the number. The thickness of the door leaf of the qualified product should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the door leaf in the sample description. The width of the side wall of the door frame should be greater than or equal to the width of the side wall of the door frame in the sample description. The outer shape of the fireproof glass should be less than or equal to the fire protection in the sample description. Glass dimensions.

The third measure is to look at the seal. The qualified steel and wooden fire doors should be provided with fireproof sealing strips. The sealing strips should be straight and without arching, and there is a qualified inspection report issued by the national testing agency.

Remember 9 fire prevention knowledge family fire prevention

1. Do not place volatile flammable or explosive materials such as gasoline, alcohol, banana water or solvent oil in the home.

2. Kitchen dust and oil, chimneys and exhaust hood ventilation pipes should be cleaned at any time to reduce the entry of grease into the ventilation pipe.

3. The chimney must have an appropriate height from the roof to prevent the fire debris from scattering.

4. Kitchen walls, ceilings, stoves, etc. should be constructed using non-combustible building materials.

Fireproof ceiling

5. The interior compartments, floors and ceilings of the house shall be made of non-combustible building materials, and the curtains shall be decorated with non-combustible or flame retardant materials.

6. It is strictly forbidden to carry out firecracker processing and production at home.

7. It is necessary to keep the aisle and the stairs open, and it is strictly forbidden to install iron gates to block the building passages and safety exits.

8. Households should bring their own fire extinguishers. ABC dry powder fire extinguishers should be installed in the kitchen and they should be familiar with the method of use.

9. The car should bring its own ABC dry powder fire extinguisher for fire fighting.

Small details help protect your family's safety! Keep in mind the above 9 points of fire prevention knowledge, and the first line of fire protection - fire doors, buy and check. I believe that the fire will be farther and farther away from your home, and a safe home environment will be born.  

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Investment  castings 

Application :

Glass wool industry 

Density :

8.4 g/cm ³

Overall dimensions :



Hole dimensions:


Holes amount:

7000~33000 units

Operating temperature:


Rotating speed:

≤3000 r/min

Tolerance control :

grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing

Fiber dimensions:



≥168 hours

Package :

carton or wooden case , pallet for export

Application :


Glass wool insulation production line used


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