Invisible screens in doors and windows to buy common sense

In the window and door configuration, the invisible screen window is an indispensable part. Nowadays, most of the plastic steel doors and windows or the heat-insulated bridge aluminum window and window casement window are used. The sliding window of the door and window is decreasing year by year, so the configuration of the invisible screen window is more and more. An important part of the door and window in the market, the invisible screen window is divided into two types, one is the ordinary invisible screen window, and the other is the buffered invisible screen window.

The difference between the two is that ordinary invisible screens need to be hand-cranked when not in use, otherwise the elasticity is too large to be easily damaged, and the buffered invisible screens will automatically go up slowly.

1. To purchase invisible screens, first look at the profiles:

Now the market is mainly divided into aluminum alloy and plastic steel products. The main market for plastic profiles is engineering, which lasts for about 1 year. The aluminum alloy profile market is divided into two aspects: engineering and home improvement. The engineering screen window has a service life of about 1 year, and the home decoration screen window has a service life of about 3 years.

2, the difference between the bearings:

Bearings are divided into domestic bearings and imported bearings. At present, the bearings of invisible screens on the market are mostly domestically produced.

3, the difference between gauze:

The gauze is divided into a glass fiber mesh and a polyester coated chemical fiber mesh. Recommendation: The fiberglass mesh is mainly used for engineering and home improvement. The age of the screen is 2 years, and the screen screen is installed for about 3 years.

4, the design of the screen:

Because the height of the window is too high and the width is too narrow, it is inconvenient when you use the screen. For example, if the pull is too high, it will be too much effort. The gauze will be blown out by the wind, and the magnetic strip will not be able to automatically rewind and so on. Recommendation: If your home's window height exceeds 1 m2. When you are ready to order, ask the designer to design a side pull style. Not only is it light to use, it does not cause the above reasons. The age of the screen window will also increase. Because the screen window is pulled out a short distance, the pressure on the screen accessories is relieved. Basically, it will not cause any malfunction during the warranty period.

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