What is going on in the toilet?

The bathroom problem is almost everyone's headache, especially the toilet problem is even worse, generally there is no water, blocking, leaking and other issues, have a great impact on life, then this toilet is not how to water it happened? How do we handle toilets without water? With Xiao Bian together to understand it.

First, how the toilet is not water

How the toilet is not watered 1. Water pressure is too low

Today's toilets are all pumped toilets, and if its water pressure is too low, it is difficult to get water. The low water pressure may be caused by the high floor of the home or the low water pressure of the entire area, and may be due to the low water pressure caused by the opening of the water valve.

Toilet water is not going on, there is impurity in water

If there is some impurities in the water in the toilet tank, it is also very difficult to put water. At this time, the water in the toilet needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is best to put some water before installation to remove impurities. Generally, it is rarely because of poor water quality in the area.

How is the toilet not going to water? 3. The triangle valve is blocked

If the triangle valve is blocked, the toilet can not be water, you can remove the triangle valve to see if the connection with the inner wire is blocked, to see if the valve is open, closed state is normal.

The toilet is not on the water how the matter 4, the float is broken

If the toilet is not on the water, you can open the lid of the toilet tank first to see if the floating ball in the water is used normally. Generally, the water tank will sink to the bottom when there is no water, otherwise the float ball will be broken, and the float ball will not sink. The water inlet is closed so that it is not watered.

Second, how to handle the toilet is not on the water

1, after the use of the toilet, toilet water does not appear, are generally plugging problems, this time you can use some tools like waste toothbrush to clean water, filter, of course, with scale cleaner, cleaning effect will be more it is good. In addition, some scale removing agents can be added to the water replenishment device at ordinary times to remove scale, which is less likely to clog.

2, can also be adjusted by adjusting the height of the float to solve the toilet water problem, the toilet tank cover will be the top of the inlet valve, you need to adjust the position of the inlet valve, until the inlet valve float or float freely If the float is stuck, the water is generally not accessible.

3. In many cases, the water in the toilet tank is not water, or it can be said that the water cannot be stored because the toilet button is not flexible. This is due to the rusting of the spring inside the button spring. At this time, you need to replace the button, or if you do not bother to use it, you can reset it by pressing it several times each time.

Editor's Note: The above is about how the toilet is not watered and how to deal with the toilet is not on the water introduction, I hope the contents of the Xiaobian share to everyone, to better solve the toilet is not water problems. If you want to learn more, you can pay attention to our website information.

What is wrong with the toilet?

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