The old driver leads the way: Several problems that decoration rookie often ignores

There is too much knowledge of home improvement. For the renovation of rookie, we can't finish reading the massive knowledge articles every day. The more people who have seen it, the more impressions they have on the contrary. On the contrary, the experience of some people who come by has more gold. In this article, we interviewed an old expert in the decoration industry and asked him to tell you a few questions that are important in the decoration but often overlooked.

Renovation safety issues:

As far as the alteration of the house type is concerned, the load-bearing wall is not allowed to change, and it is directly related to the overall safety structure of the building.

In terms of environmental protection, many materials now exceed the safety standards set by the state. Like the plates, formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. Including some radioactive substances.

Light pollution is a problem that many people ignore, and the living environment is not easy to be bright and bright.

Savings in the decoration principle:

The difference between the same kind of material may be several times or even dozens of times. How to correctly select these materials, from the aspects of material safety, durability, etc., to the 15 years of home decoration can be too exquisite to pay attention to some unrealistic aspects, completely no need.

The savings of hardware in decoration, if used in curtains, fabrics and decorations, can also achieve the effect of decoration.

Extension of some issues in the decoration:

The problem of waterproofing is of vital importance. In fact, it is possible to apply a bit of cement to a circle around the corner of the wall to make the waterproofing effect better because the leakage is generally leaking at the corner of the floor.

Bathroom tiles usually need to be wet-laid, because in the case of dry paving, water will permeate into the cement layer for daily use, and then the water will not be lost due to volatilization, which will cause odor and affect the quality of home life.

Decoration Construction Knowledge Construction Acceptance Construction Installation

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