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There are generally five types of suspended ceilings: flat ceilings, special ceilings, partial ceilings, grille ceilings, and algae ceilings. Flat ceiling is generally a pvc board, aluminum buckle board, gypsum board, mineral wool sound-absorbing panels, glass fiber board, glass and other materials, lights lie in the top plane or suck on the top, due to the room roof is generally arranged in the bathroom, kitchen , balcony and entrance etc.
Special-shaped ceiling The special-shaped ceiling is a kind of partial ceiling, which is mainly applied to the bedroom, study room and other rooms. In the lower floor, the living room can also adopt special ceiling. The method is to use the form of a flat ceiling to block the top of the pipeline in the ceiling, the top surface can be embedded in the downlight or built-in fluorescent lamps, so that the top surface of the decoration after the formation of two levels, will not produce a sense of oppression. The wavy lines or irregular arcs used for profiled ceilings generally do not exceed a third of the overall top surface area, and it is difficult to achieve good results if the ratio is over or under this ratio.
Partial ceiling ceilings are designed to avoid the presence of water, warm air, and gas ducts at the top of the room, and a partial ceiling is used when the height of the room does not permit full ceilings. The best mode of this way is that these water, electricity and gas pipelines are near the side wall and the effect of decoration is similar to that of the profiled ceiling.
The effect of the decoration has the effect of increasing the height of the space, and it can also change the lighting effects of the interior.
No ceiling decoration With the decoration of the fashion, ceiling decoration quickly went by. As the city's housing is generally low, after the ceiling, it feels depressed and boring. Therefore, the decoration without modification on the top became popular. No ceiling decoration method is to do a simple plane modeling the top surface, using modern lighting fixtures, coupled with exquisite corner lines, but also gives a relaxed and natural pleasant style. However, due to the lighting or special needs of many houses, not only ceilings are needed, but also the top surface needs to be specially designed. Therefore, whether or not to ceiling, what kind of top to hang should be based on the actual situation of the room and personal preferences. A well-conceived ceiling that fits the characteristics of the house can not only make up for the shortcomings of the room, but also add personality to the living room. Therefore, choosing a ceiling is the same as choosing your own bedroom.

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