Selection criteria for water supply pipes in home improvement

Selection criteria for water supply pipes in home improvement

In the home improvement project, the quality requirements of concealed works are the highest, because the concealed works are used for a long time and the maintenance is difficult in the later stage. Water circuit engineering, which is the most important part of concealed engineering, is especially important. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the following points when selecting the pipes required for hydropower transformation:

The first is to touch the texture.

In general, coarse particles are likely to incorporate impurities.

The second is to look at the color.

PP-R pipes are mainly white, gray and green. Consumers often think that white is the best. In fact, color is not a criterion for judging quality.

The third is to smell the smell.

The main material of the PP-R pipe is polypropylene. The good pipe has no odor, and the poor one has a strange smell. It is likely to be blended with polyethylene instead of polypropylene.

The fourth is pinching the hardness.

The PP-R tube has a considerable hardness, and it is possible to pinch the deformed tube, which is certainly not a PP-R tube.

The fifth is flexibility.

Good PP-R tube, ''return elastic'' is good, easy to smash naturally not a good PP-R tube. However, the hardness is not equal to the elasticity. Some manufacturers increase the hardness by adding too much impurities such as calcium carbonate, so they are not broken, and they are easy to be brittle after a long time.

Sixth is the smell of burning smoke.

The PP-R tube, which is mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities, emits black smoke and has a pungent odor. After burning a good material, not only will it not emit black smoke or odor, but after burning, the molten liquid will still be very clean.

Type of water supply pipe

In the past, the pipes used for water supply were mainly cast iron pipes. The outdoor mainly uses sand mold cast iron pipe, the interior uses galvanized cast iron pipe, and can be divided into cold (electric) galvanizing and hot galvanizing. China has stipulated that the sand-casting pipe fittings and cold-galvanized cast iron pipes will be eliminated on June 1, 2000, and the use of hot-dip cast iron pipes will be gradually restricted, and aluminum-plastic composite pipes and plastic pipes will be promoted.

Therefore, there are three main types of pipelines currently in use. The first category is metal pipes, such as hot-dip cast iron pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc. The second category is plastic-plastic pipes, such as plastic-coated steel pipes and aluminum-plastic composite pipes. The third category is plastic pipes, such as PP-R (crosslinked polypropylene high density mesh engineering plastics). The state also stipulates that all kinds of pipes and fittings involving drinking water pipelines must be approved by the health department before they can be sold.

Commonly used plastic code and meaning in water supply pipeline:

PP-R cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh engineering plastic PE high-density polyethylene PP polypropylene PB polybutene PEX cross-linked polyethylene water supply pipeline comprehensive performance requirements: As a water supply pipeline, it is required to be hygienic, safe, energy-saving and convenient. Therefore, testing a pipeline should be investigated from four aspects. That is, hygiene: pipes and fittings must be free from any damage to the human body.

Safety: It has sufficient strength and excellent mechanical properties as well as anti-aging and heat resistance.

Energy saving: the inner wall is smooth, corrosion resistant, low in fluid resistance and good in heat preservation performance. Convenient: connection, construction is convenient, reliable, and has the possibility of promotion and use. If the above four requirements are not met, it will damage the user's physical health and property safety.

Introduction to several water supply pipes:

1. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is the first water supply pipe to replace cast iron pipe. Its basic composition should be five layers, that is, plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive and plastic from the inside to the outside. The aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good thermal insulation performance, and the inner and outer walls are not easy to corrode. Because the inner wall is smooth, the resistance to the fluid is small; and because it can be bent at will, the installation and construction are convenient. As a water supply pipe, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength, but if the lateral force is too large, it will affect the strength, so it should be used for the construction of the pipe or buried in the wall, but it should not be buried in the ground. The connection of the aluminum-plastic composite pipe is ferrule type, so the first one in the construction is to pass the strict pressure test to check whether the connection is firm. The second is to prevent frequent vibration and loose the ferrule. Third, the length should be sufficient to install, so as not to pull off.

2. Plastic copper tube plastic copper tube is made of pure copper (copper) as pipe fittings and covered with PE plastic. From the perspective of comprehensive performance, the plastic copper tube is slightly better than the aluminum-plastic composite tube. For example, the strength is better, the life is longer, and the heat resistance is better. However, the insulation performance is slightly worse. Pure copper has a very high corrosion resistance. After a period of use, a layer of green oxide will appear on the inner surface. But it has little effect on the life, flow, and resistance to the fluid. The patina is not detrimental to human health and has a certain ability to kill bacteria. The installation method of the plastic copper tube is ferrule type and welded type, and the welding type is more reliable.

Copper pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe: In addition to poor insulation performance, other indicators such as strength, life resistance to fluid resistance are good, and should be used as cold water pipe. If used for hot water delivery, insulation jacket should be added. The connection method is mainly ferrule type, and the copper tube can also be welded. Internal plastic galvanized cast iron pipe: It is a layer of plastic on the inner wall of ordinary galvanized pipe, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, low resistance and good heat preservation, and has the characteristics of high strength of galvanized pipe itself. This tube is connected by a rib.

Plastic pipe: Plastic pipe can have sufficient strength, longevity, safety and hygiene as long as the material selection meets the requirements of the standard. It is the best insulation performance of all pipes. The plastic pipe is hot-melt welded, and the reliability is high. As long as the construction is correct, the pipe welding at the normal pressure test will not leak and fall off.

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