See through the four scams in home improvement cabinets

At present, the home improvement industry has already developed into an extremely inclusive industry. In the face of a wide variety of finely divided home improvement industries, consumers who need home improvement services are increasingly unable to start, especially middle-aged and elderly people. Ms. Zhang, who is helping her son to decorate the wedding room, complained to reporters that in the city's small and large furniture city, the cabinet dealership was more luxurious than one. The salesperson was more enthusiastic than one, but the price was higher than the family. She felt that the simple and practical kitchen cabinet had even used the words “piano paint”, “Bao Maqin” and “original import” to make it difficult for the ordinary working class to accept.

"Fudge" first trick: material trap

“A lot of consumers look at cabinets. In fact, they look at the cabinet doors.” An industry source told reporters that most consumers choose cabinets, and one opening is to “crystal plates”, “baking plates” or “solid wood plates”. Is the cabinet door. “The door panel is important, and the box board is actually more important.” The reporter’s unannounced visit found that the Changzhou cupboard market is currently using a relatively wide range of paint door panels. Painted board is characterized by bright color and easy to shape, waterproof performance, anti-pollution can also prevent scratches, but the price is higher. The reporter saw a cabinet with a crystal door in a cupboard shop in our city. The shape was three-dimensional and the appearance was exquisite. The salesman introduced the door panel of this material was beautiful and durable, and it was very cheap. Now it is very popular.

However, in another well-known brand cabinet store, the reporter asked Crystal door, immediately attracted the salesman's derogatory eyes, "You think that crystal plate is good, one or two years on the Alice, are out of style!" Cupboard door pattern Not only that, but reporters soon discovered that cabinet panels that are not valued by consumers are actually more important than door panels. The box board bears the functions of waterproofing, mildew proofing and load-bearing, but because it is hidden inside the door panel, it is generally not valued by consumers. Some dealers often use high-priced door panels with cheap box boards to report the so-called “expensive prices” and “concessionary prices.” In fact, these inferior boxboards often take a long time to soak in water, mold, and consumers are disadvantaged.

In addition to the door panel, the thickest pattern is the countertop. In the survey, the reporter found that the countertop brands on the market were mixed and the concept of playfulness abounded. Take the most popular "acrylic" artificial stone countertops as an example, from 500 yuan / m - 3,000 yuan / m can buy, insiders revealed that cheap artificial stone is best not to buy, mostly with inferior resin plus carbonic acid Made of calcium, smoothness, wear-resistant degree is not to say, some products even contain substances harmful to the human body, so buy "artificial stone" countertops must understand the "acrylic" content.

"Fudge" second stroke: steal concept

When the cabinet dealers sell their products, they can do everything they can to boast of their products, and the concept of stealing confuses consumers. In an unannounced interview, the reporter discovered that the most popular “Fuzheng language” on the cabinet market in Changzhou is “from a foreign design concept”. The "idea" that cannot be seen invisible is not only to allow consumers to look at it, but also to increase product quality virtually.

What is designed using "ideas" is imported goods? In a high-end cabinet store known as the National Chain Store, when the reporter entered the door, two salespersons dressed like stewardesses smiled over and smiled. They saw the reporter's suspicion of the Italian trademark at the entrance, and a salesman was firmly in tone. Says: “Our cabinets are designed with the Italian concept. European style is popular. Many parts are imported.” After further understanding, the reporter discovered that this cabinet is actually a cabinet manufacturer in Guangdong, and the designers are all Chinese. The so-called "imported parts" are actually produced by joint venture factories in Guangdong.

Unannounced visits by reporters found that a brand of cabinets used a "fire board" in the choice of door material. The reporter and the salesman had only learned that the fireproofing board itself could not be completely fireproof, but the fireproofing performance was better, and to a certain extent, there was a flame retardant effect, and the effect lasted for a few minutes. In the same way, the "waterproof board" can only be lightly dampened. The "title" of the door material by the sellers undoubtedly exaggerates the material function.

In terms of environmental indicators that consumers are concerned about, many cabinet makers will put “E0” and “E1” logos on prominent positions. This is an indication of what level of national standard the formaldehyde emission of the product has reached. According to industry insiders, China’s current maximum standard for formaldehyde in furniture, flooring, and other wood products is “E1”, the national standard for cabinet products is “E2”, and some high-end products are “E1”. Because it does not contain green moisture-proof agents and adhesives, it is easily broken by moisture. “E0” grade sheet is not suitable for making cupboards in a humid environment. Consumers should be clear about this.

In another brand store, the clerk strongly recommended to reporters a Korean import countertop, but after the reporter took the manual and discovered that the place of origin was marked in Qingdao, the clerk explained before this: “Our company is headquartered in Qingdao. Where the company is located in Qingdao, the countertop material is indeed imported.” However, when the reporter “really asked” for the declaration form, the clerk finally admitted that it was “the best countertop in the country, and the basic energy and import are comparable”.

Almost all the cabinets advertise that they are using imported hardware accessories such as “blum”, but reporters and shop staff have learned after talking. In fact, these hardware accessories have factories in China, and manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in addition to a few A first-line brand and the manufacturer signed a use agreement, will use the original imported parts, most will still choose to replace the domestic pieces, still "imported hardware" to flicker consumers. The two brands are almost identical in appearance and appearance, and they are installed inside the cabinets, making them less likely to be discovered by consumers. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, consumers should not ignore small hinges. It is best to specify when signing a contract.

"Flicker" third trick: more certification patterns

On March 5th, the reporter saw in the cabinet area of ​​a home building material store in our city that some of the environmental protection inspection certificates provided by cabinet merchants are mostly local board inspection reports, or the recommendation certificates of environmental protection products issued by certain associations and institutions. Overall, there are many kinds of certifications, but there is basically no unified certification of authoritative departments. Industry sources said that in the face of a large number of shiny bronze medals hanging on the wall, consumers will basically not go "more true."

According to people familiar with the situation, although cabinet companies are currently playing environmental protection cards, they have not received much recognition from authoritative departments. There are no shortages of companies that use fake environmental protection to flicken consumers. It is understood that the environmental protection certification of cabinet products currently on the market is only certified by the China Environmental Labelling Center certified by the Environmental Protection Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration, which is often referred to as the “Ten-ring Certification” and is currently the more authoritative green mark. . Products that are approved to use this mark not only require quality, but also comply with specific environmental protection requirements during production, use, and disposal. Compared with similar products, they have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm, and resource conservation.

"Flicker" fourth trick: install hidden secrets

It is reported that the first-line cabinet brands often provide a full set of design and installation services. Merchants will send staff to measure the relevant dimensions and invite professional designers to design them. Generally, they can be installed in the field in about one month. After the cabinets are installed, consumers should carry out corresponding inspections, such as: whether the surface of the cabinet has scratches, bumps, cracks, etc., whether there is any change in the overall installation position, whether there is tilting after the combination of cabinets, countertops, and hanging cabinets. There is no gap between the cabinet and the cabinet, and there is no leakage in the drain pipe or sink. Acceptance should be carefully checked against the contract and design drawings to avoid unclear problems found later.

Not long ago, Mr. Ye of Taixing City complained to the city’s industry and commerce department that he had purchased more than 20,000 sets of cupboards in the city in early December last year. However, due to the fact that some product sizes do not match the order requirements, the product configuration has not arrived and the configuration is not satisfactory. , The installer took the wrong positioning gas support and other reasons, until March 1st, the dealer carried out four installations are still not installed. He originally intended to move with his family before the Spring Festival. Because the cabinets are not installed, the new home has not been able to stay.

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