Safety education for special operators

Special operators must receive special safety technical training that is compatible with this type of work. After the theoretical assessment of safety technology and the actual operational skill assessment are qualified, special operations permits are obtained before they can be placed on the job; without training, or training assessment is not Qualified persons are not allowed to take posts.
The graduates of vocational high schools, technical schools, and secondary specialized schools who have already taught according to the state's requirements for the safety technical training outlines and assessment standards for this type of work and have received practical skills training can directly participate in the assessment without training.
Other forms of safety education
1. Regular safety education is based on the long-term arduous nature of safety production education. The staff's regular safety education should run through life activities. There are many forms of regular safety production education that can be adopted according to specific circumstances. For example: security activity days, pre-class meetings, security meetings, security technology disclosure, radio, blackboard, accident scene meetings, security education showrooms, health and safety exhibitions, security film and video, security exams, security lectures, Safety competitions, etc. In the production process, we insisted on the arrangement of safety before the class, the safety inspection during the class, the system for summarizing the safety after the class, and the safety education for workers who had violated the regulations and exited from their posts, as well as the safety education for those who had been responsible for work-related accidents.
2. Safe Continuing Engineering Education Continuing Engineering Education refers to the leaders of science and technology, management personnel, and companies that have received education from universities and colleges and have worked in their jobs. After a certain period of time, they must continue to accept safety knowledge and labor protection. Knowledge education. It is arranged from different specialities, different levels and other specific circumstances to arrange learning content and organize special training. Therefore, it requires strong pertinence, theory and practicality. This level of education is mainly directed at the cadres who are engaged in safety management, the heads of corporate executives responsible for safety, and the training and education of safety engineering and technical personnel. In particular, new leaders must be trained in safety professional training before passing the examination. Work on the job.
3. "Four new" and changing trades Education "Four new" education refers to the new operation method and safety education for new jobs when new techniques, new materials, new equipment, new products or workers are changed.
The "four new" safety education is carried out by the technical department. The main contents are:
(1) The characteristics and methods of use of new processes, new products, new equipment, and new materials;
(2) New hazardous factors and protective measures that may be caused by the use of "Four New" in production;
(3) Features and methods of use of safety protection devices for new products and new equipment;
(4) The content and requirements of the newly established safety management system and safety operation procedures.
After the “four new” and changing types of personnel are educated, they must take the exam. After passing the exam, they must fill in the “four new” and change the safety education registration form of the workman.

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