NL vertical submerged slurry pump main purposes

NL vertical vertical submerged mud pump vertical or inclined to use, small footprint, volute need to be buried in the working medium, then NL vertical submerged mud pump can be used in what areas The following is about the main purpose of NL vertical submerged mud pump introduction. NL vertical submerged slurry pump main purposes 1, NL type multi-purpose submerged pump single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, used in mining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, graphite, mica, gold, ceramics, oil refining, petroleum, chemical , Farm, salt farm, iodine farm, dyeing, brewing, food, fertilizer, coking plant, building, marble factory, gold mine, mud, quicksand, mud pond, sewage pond, Material sewage operations, but also for coal mine drainage and mud containing fluid. 2. If cooperating with high-pressure water pump and water gun to form hydro-mechanized earthworks unit, it can be used as digging and transporting of small water conservancy projects such as land leveling, dredging of river courses and ponds, excavation, and air defense projects of cities. The following engineering. 3, fish for water ponds, fish ponds oxygen and so on. Extended reading: China Construction Water Exhibition water pump manufacturers rankings ptc exhibition motor top ten brands pump valve pipe fittings Show Information Industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) http: // mj / (Service Hotline:)

Generally, they can only kill mites, but they can't kill insects and have more varieties, but their main activity is to kill insects, not to be known as acaricide, and sometimes they are also called insecticidal and acaricide. A class of pesticides used to harm the pests of various plants, stores, livestock and other arachnids. Among the acaricides, some species have high activity of active mite (mites and mites, weak mites), poor egg activity, and even invalid. Some species have high egg activity, bad effect on or dynamic mite; Some varieties can be killed. The common species of acaricide are bromoesters, avidin, spirofenesters, azoesters.

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