Main curtain accessories: curtain track

Accessories for electric curtains In addition to motors, the choice of curtain tracks is also crucial. The choice of curtain track depends on the overall appearance of the room. There are many types of curtain track, and there is a wide range of options. Many curtain track designs are designed to make the curtain track unobtrusively integrated with the interior environment. Curtain boxes and curtains, such as decorative accessories, require the use of curtain tracks. To install, the curtain track is the part of the curtain that is used more frequently during opening and closing. Therefore, whether it is an electric curtain or an ordinary curtain, it is very important to choose a high-quality curtain track and accessories that can ensure smooth sliding. Curtain track types are mainly the following: 1. Curtain track with slide ring: Curtain track with slide ring is the most commonly used curtain track in many curtains, the slide ring of the curtain track is placed in the slot at the rear of the curtain track in.
2. Convex Curtain Track: Most plastic curtain curtain tracks are easy to bend. If the curtain track is in a warm environment, bending is easier. For long and heavy curtain rails, metal curtain rails with sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the curtains are required. Most metal curtain rails can also be manually bent, and some must be made to size.
3. Exposed curtain track: If you prefer the curtain track to be exposed, choose an unobtrusive curtain rod, such as gold, silver, or polished brass, and the top of the curtain track will fit the curtain style and make up for it. The lack of decoration.
4. Concealed Curtain Track: A thin curtain track, also known as a curtain track, where you do not want to reveal the curtain track. Concealed curtain rails can suspend lightweight curtains that can be mounted on ceilings or walls. They can also be bent to fit the wall or the raised area of ​​the window.

5. Curtain Tracks with Drawstring Devices and Overlapping Brackets: If you install bay windows or other large wide curtains or hard-to-reach curtains, it is best to pay for the complete curtain track with a pull rope device. Due to overlapping brackets, there is a partial overlap between the two curtains, and some fabrics should be considered when calculating the width of the fabric. 6. Mesh fabric curtain rails: hanging transparent thin curtains or mesh curtains, can choose to use rubber elastic wire or special light curtain rail; also can use a slender pull rod, this kind of tension rod without support frame The curtains can be neatly hung up. If used in a window frame, they can be snapped onto the edge of the window frame. 7. Double curtain rails: The decoration of curtains, people generally like to use curtains to decorate the top of the curtains, double curtain rails with curtain rods can also be purchased. The bracket on which the curtain mast is extended is connected to the curtain rail. The rod is provided with a clip-type curtain hook. This curtain hook can not only install the curtain curtain in position but also facilitate the removal of the curtain curtain. This is very convenient.
8. Multiple curtain rails: if you wish to decorate windows with multi-layer curtains, such as curtains, curtains and transparent thin curtains, buy curtain rails with three or four rows of rods. Each row of poles is independent and is combined in a curtain rail system.

In the home improvement process, choosing the right curtain track is very important for the use of curtains (especially for electric curtains) and decoration. The appropriate curtain track will allow the curtains to retract freely and quickly, effortlessly and not easily damaged. For electric curtains, suitable curtain tracks can prevent the motor drive from getting stuck and effectively extend its service life. In addition, other

Curtain accessories such as curtain buckles, curtains, and curtains can add a fresh touch to curtains, creating a perfectly coordinated look. In short, the reasonable choice of these curtain accessories will bring various styles of decorative effects to the curtains.

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