Kitchen lighting is bright enough

The kitchen plays an important role in the content of family life. The lighting used in the kitchen should follow the characteristics of practicality and longevity. We often find that the lights in the kitchen are damaged very quickly. In particular, kitchens that ignite cooking every day use their lamps for about half a year. There have been spotted rust spots on the lamps, and poor contact has started, and even the rust has become unusable.

It is mainly because the fuel will produce acid gas such as sulfur dioxide when it is burning, and it has serious corrosion effect on metal products. In addition, water vapor, water vapor and sulfur dioxide are often used in the kitchen, and the corrosion effect on the lamps is very strong.

When installing kitchen lighting fixtures, the placement part should be as far away from the stove as possible, do not let the gas, steam directly fluctuate, device range hood or exhaust fan can solve this problem. The kitchen needs safe and convenient lighting switch. Because the lamp is easy to be contaminated by oil and sulfur dioxide, it is not suitable to use the lamp switch. The lamp head is preferably bayonet type, which is easier to remove than a screw bulb after lightly rusting. In addition, when the replacement of kitchen light bulbs often encounter this situation, the lamp is used for a long time, serious corrosion, so that the lamp and lamp holder rusty, it is difficult to remove the replacement, so when installing the lamp, the lamp cap painted a little medical Vaseline Can prevent rust, the next time you replace the light bulb, you will not encounter rust dead and cannot be opened. There is no need to choose luxury kitchen lighting, but the brightness of the lighting must be enough, too dark kitchen will affect people's mood, the quality of food will be affected.

Lighting brand switch hood

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